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  1. ravinOrion

    ravinOrion Active Member

    I have made up my mind in gettin this Phone. no matter what others say about its looks or whatever they compare from the competitors ... but Yes ... Its Unique as for Now and i Love it ... Credit goes to all the reviews, all the unboxing n hand-on stuff, and what not ... Just wanna know some more if you have tried it personally or own it ... just the Pros i need to know ... cuz i know, that phandroid and specially this forum will defy all its cons ... possibly ... ;)

    Wish me Courage that everything's Gonna be perfect in regards to my gettin this phone. ... :)

    Help in any sort, Advice, Suggestions, Do's-n-Don'ts ... will be highly appreciated.

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers ... :)

  2. dc82

    dc82 Member

    I own one and it's my daily driver. I absolutely love it.
  3. shree180

    shree180 New Member

    I own one too... but I'm waiting for a rooting process and some ROMs.... Someone plz try something and provide some ROMs...
  4. multiwar

    multiwar New Member

    i have this phone with upgraded ics 4.04 version-absolutely fast and promising like 2 cores-it has everything from apps to cloud storage.and good battery performance-benchmarks place it just below than htc one x
  5. suwaid

    suwaid Member

    Have you guys ever experienced any auto rebooting problem. Coz yesterday onwards this has started happening and it's killing me.

    When it comes to apps I must say the good apps (buzz launcher) do not perform well with this phone compared to Sony and htc
  6. mostwantedkiss

    mostwantedkiss New Member

    nope no auto reboot problem till now.

    some app have a different coding sometimes the intel x86 processor fails to run them properly. Just wait for updates etc.

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