Here is how you can get flash player on LG motion 4g.Tips

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  1. gguez30

    gguez30 Member

    See posts starting with #3 below.

  2. krackhead

    krackhead Member

    did not work for me. You need to be more specific about which link. I cant click any link unless I provide my email addy. I am suspicious that you are a spammer for the website you mention....
  3. this has already been talked about and no go to adobes site and look for the discontinued flash players pick android 4.0 and your done
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  4. krackhead

    krackhead Member

    adobes site worked. url looks like you will find it in the middle of the page.
  5. krackhead

    krackhead Member

    porn hub still doesnt work wtf?
  6. use the metro web browser. if i helped why not hit the thanks button
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  7. HereticSins

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  8. krackhead

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  9. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Well-Known Member

    Fools, but a valid argument. :D
  10. gguez30

    gguez30 Member

    I'm not a scammer this worked for me I was trying to find out how to get flash and I saw a video on YouTube of a guy reviewing the LG motion and he clicked on a link in a flash site that took him to a link in the play store. I tried to do it like he did it but it didn't work for me. So I just went to Google and put flash games and that site came up. I clicked a random video and a link showed up where the video would be and took me straight to the play store where I downloaded flash 11
  11. who is a fool? what valid argument?there is no argument the guy wants to watch some porn who cares. that's how you get flash player so what are you talking about.
  12. dont worry about it. i told you guys how to do it the right way. so its a done deal.

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