Here's How to trade your GameBoid Pokemon

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  1. StingRay444

    StingRay444 New Member

    If you what to trade Pokemon you have on GameBoid with your android heres how:

    1. Open your current game on the GameBoid emulator and save in game

    2. If you dont already have vba link you will need to download it is where I got mine.

    3. You will need to hook up your computer to your phone via usb and find the folder that your game was in. Dont worry about the ss0, ss1 type files all you will need is the .sav file. ex, pokemon-leaf-green.sav

    4. copy the .sav file and the rom into a folder onto your computer

    5. Open up you vba and set up the controls for moving and such. Then open up your rom on the vba.

    6. Now go to file->import->battery file and open the .sav file

    7. At this point your game should be running on the vba. Now do the same with a different game ie, trading from leaf green to fire red.

    8. You will need to set up different controls for the second game and be sure to have your game unchecked "Pause when inactive window" under Options->Emulator

    9. Follow this youtube video on how to trade, and don't be discouraged if it freezes the first time mine worked on the 3rd try. just re open the .sav files and try again

    10. When you are done trading/battling save the vba game in game and go to File->Export->batteryfile. Now copy this .sav and replaced it with the one on your phone (be sure to have a backup of the old one just incase)

    11. Unplug everything and start up your Gameboid (Be sure there is no file in the quicksave slot) and now you have your traded pokemon! You can make a save in any save slot now.

    Hope this helps some people, It worked for me. If you have any questions post them here.

  2. blink182

    blink182 Well-Known Member

    ill try this thanks
  3. syi

    syi Well-Known Member

    I'm really really sorry about this. But it you're like most of us you've been emulating a long time and know how to do this or thought it up pretty easily. I'm tired of seeing a thread like this and getting my hopes dashed. Just use a cheat code or something.
  4. Curious Mew

    Curious Mew Active Member

    I'm new to emulators and appreciate all the help I can find, thanks :p
  5. siaotabo

    siaotabo New Member

    I duno where is the .sav file...can u help me?
  6. blu422

    blu422 Member

    me too where is it
  7. blu422

    blu422 Member

    I think its in one of the . folders. Check sdcard with root browser
  8. sajjad7006

    sajjad7006 New Member

    I just downloaded Gameboid, and, amazingly, my first ever iteration of Pokemon - Emerald. It's great, but certain things are beginning to niggle my easily niggled sense of completion. Namely, I want to know if I can trade, so I can evolve my pokemon and otherwise catch 'em all. Is it possible, or am I doomed forever to miss my Machamp and my Alakazam?
  9. Enroll

    Enroll Well-Known Member Contributor

    O really? I thought it was pretty useful then again I play legit on consoles paying the full price like my PS4. :D
  10. chrisluger2012

    chrisluger2012 Well-Known Member

    Well, it looks pretty awesome I will definitely try this.
  11. cladware

    cladware New Member

    Anyway to get links between games using a Mac? VBALink isn't available for Mac and I haven't found any others alike.

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