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Hero Browser doesn't work, other do

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  1. Valter.VX

    Valter.VX New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 23, 2010
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    Hi! I'm having a problem with my HTC Hero!

    The default browser worked fine but, for some unknown reason, it stopped working, it's been a month now..

    I'm working with 3G data connection. I have a modaco rom and my provider is Vodafone Portugal.

    when i try to open a site on the browser it always says "webpage no available" etc etc.. But Opera, and the other apps that use internet data, like rss readers, online games, etc, they all work.

    I read somewhere about a similar problem and they solved it by updating the APN from my provider, which i did, but didn't solve anything. In a portuguese android forum they asked me if i had set any proxy, which i didn't (and the APN settings don't have it neither). Then they asked me to clear the browser data, like cookies, history, etc, nothing worked, then for me to go to Menu, settings, applications, manage, browser, clear. But, nothing changed.. :( :(

    So I am asking if this has happened to someone else or if anybody might know what the problem is and a way to solve it..

    big thanks!!


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