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  1. cramman

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    Hi. First post here so be gentle. ;)

    I received my Hero/G2 on from t-mobile yesterday as an upgrade. I managed to stay on my old contract, 12 months, flext 35 and had a free upgrade to 3 gig of downloads per month - Phone cost 60 notes if anyone is interested.

    So, I set up a google mail account so I can access the android store, Now when I sign in, or try to, I get the following message;
    "You don't have a network connection. - This could be a temporary problem or your SIM card may not be provisioned for data services.

    So, I went into the shop and they have said I need the G1/G2 "sock", is this correct?
    I know they will tell me to go on flext 40 with unlimited internet, but I'd prefer to stay on a 12 month contrace. Any ideas?
    The other internet/web and walk works fine.


    PS, is there a simple way of transfering numbers from my old tocco (saved to the phone) to the Hero, doesn't seem to like blue tooth.

  2. pedg

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  3. slaguru

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    I have read that you need to use the 3G to make the Goodle Sync on the Orange phones, not WiFi. If you are on WiFi, come off, and try getting a connection to a web page. If this works, try the sync then.


  4. cramman

    cramman Member

    I have spoken to T-mobile, and they tell me I need the G2 sock, to get this I need to go on a 19 month contract, send back the phone, get a new one etc.

    Total joke.

    I'll look through that other forum, see what it says. They may be talking crap.
  5. namtaffy

    namtaffy Member

    make sure the data connection to the network is on in settings, also make sure your internet settings are correct, the apn, etc. You can easily tell if your data connection is on because next to the signal bars there will be a G, E, 3G or H symbol, if your on wifi it will be a wifi signal bars thingy so turn wifi off to test. If there is no data connection then the only thing I can think of is that they haven't provisioned your sim for data. I wouldn't buy any of their bull either, get your hands on a tmobile payg sim (if needs be) and once the data connection pops up you have ammunition

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