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  1. hoges

    hoges Member

    So I decided to buy the Hero H2000+ iPhone 5 look alike for shits a giggles.
    First impressions, great size and weight easy to hold in your hand and doesnt feel like a brick in your pocket.

    Performance. Has the 1.5GHz Duel core MTK6577 and 512MB RAM, 2GB internal storage. Actually performs quite well with little lag, I got a score of 5300 with AnTuTu. Running Android 4.0.4 quite well but missing all those little extras you get with a HTC or Samsung.

    Screen res is pretty good but close up you notice the individual pixels. But still decent for those who don't need a high res screen for day to day use.

    Camera is 8megapixels and takes quite decent photos in day light. Don't bother with a low light photo, the flash is pretty much there for show rather then function.

    Reception is pretty good, depends on your provider and the frequencies they use for 2g and 3g. Quad band 2g and dual band 3g(850/2100).

    Downsides about the phone, the speaker isnt very loud so it is easy to not hear a msg or call coming in. Another thing is there is no dictionary loaded on the phone, you have to enter the words in yourself. As you create an sms or email you can add the words to the dictionary as you go.

    Comes with a hard plastic case and screen film (which scratches really easily). The iPhone 5 cases will NOT fit this phone. iPhone 5 screen films I'm assuming will fit however will not have the front camera cut out in the correct spot.

    Battery management seems a bit odd. There is a option to have the battery percentage level displayed in the notification bar. It sometimes jumps around a bit eg, it might say 25% before you lock the screen. When you come back it might say 35%. Charge time is very quick, battery life is about as good as you get with most phones, so a days standard use. Provided your turning data off when not in use and in a good reception area.

    My final thoughts. I reckon it is a bit over priced. I payed $197AUD for it. I think it is only worth around $150. For a beginner Android or someone who just wants a basic Android then this will suffice quite well.
    I use a HTC EVO 3D and would not be swapping to the Hero H2000+ any time soon.

    If any has rooted a Hero phone please post up a how too or links so I can give it a go. I'm not game enough to root my EVO 3D yet.


  2. oldcpu

    oldcpu Active Member

    I'm still waiting for my 1st Android phone to arrive (a ZOPO ZP500+) which I ordered only last night, but I did research a bit the company ZOPO before ordering. In the process I learned a few things about Hero.

    I have read that Hero are an OEM who build phones for other Chinese company's. In particular I have read of them building phone's for ZOPO. ZOPO will maintain the phone's PROM themselves, but Hero will possibly continue the production line and produce their own variant of the phone (there is a bit of speculation there on my part). And then Hero phone PROMs will remain static while the ZOPO are updated (again, some speculation on my part based on some reading from different sources).

    For example, I have read
    • Hero H5500 = ZOPO ZP100
    • Hero H6000 = ZOPO ZP200
    • Hero H8000 = ZOPO ZP500
    I don't know what ZOPO model this Hero H2000+ corresponds to (assuming it is to a ZOPO and it may not be).

    You could check out the various ZOPO models and see if there is one with the same specification. If there is, then its possible the same root technique for a ZOPO will work with the Hero. ... but then again, maybe Hero have manufactured a mobile phone for some other company, and this H2000+ is a hardware clone of that.

    Be careful wrt the claimed Hero specification. I have read stories that the specification says one thing (put out for marketing) but the actual phone has a lower level spec.
  3. Erchyn

    Erchyn New Member

    hello i have the same problem i ordered hero h2000+ 3 days ago and i need to change imei i find a program for imei repair but i need to boot my phone before run application or it doenst work. Do you know how to change imei without rooting phone ? is it possible ? or i must root it first ?
  4. ColonelZap

    ColonelZap New Member

  5. Erchyn

    Erchyn New Member

    yes ş know but how will i root it ? program and flash files ? do i need a box for it ?

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