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  1. shezad123

    shezad123 New Member


    Anyone bought chinese Hero H7000. I bought recently and I m having
    some issues

    1) I am unable to connect VPN

    2) I have rooted the phone and after that I am unable to do factory reset.

    3) How to take rom backup, so in case if i mess up with the phone I can
    restore back from sd-card

    4) how can I upgrade to 2.3.


  2. shezad123

    shezad123 New Member

    No one:confused:
  3. ottobrito

    ottobrito New Member

    Hello ! please tell us how to upgrade Hero H7000 Android 2.2.1 to v4.x ??

  4. leopheard

    leopheard Member

    I also have this phone (clone of HTC HD7) and would like to know a bit more on how to backup the ROMs etc.
  5. duanlian

    duanlian New Member

    I bought a few months ago HERO H7000, normal performance.But experience tells me that China's mobile phone and 5% there are some problems.

    Can be viewed online youtube. The method is very simple, two steps (mobile computers are a common method), a download, and install.

    If you are smart phones, generally lattice machine tutorial. If a non-smart phones, there is no warranty or repair.

    Brush upgrade to 2.3.
  6. Teknikality

    Teknikality Member

    I'm not for sure, but can't you just find the update somewhere and download it?

    I have the same phone but mine came with 2.3.5
    I can't figure out how to root it :(
    It came pre-unlocked brand new
  7. spirtosan

    spirtosan New Member

    For root you must set USB debugging to on, then use z4root 1.3.0.

    More info in russian.


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  8. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Welcome everyone to AF:)
    I am trying to find some additional information for you all.
    @spirtosan if you would like PM me a link to the page you are referring to:D

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