Hero mascot with white triangle and yellow exclamation point attempting update on Inspire 4G

  1. brazoloco

    brazoloco New Member

    I rooted my Inspire 4G a few weeks ago and today I was notified that a system update was available and attempted it. In the process, after downloading it and receiving the warning to not power off the phone, I clicked OK to install it and got stuck in a black screen with Hero mascot and a white triangle with a yellow exclamation point inside. I did not want to power off the phone or extract the battery and instead called HTC support (866-449-8358) and was advised to just remove the battery, place it back in and power on the phone. It worked and everything went back to normal. No information or app were lost.

    Now I have the notification of a SYSTEM UPDATE IS READY but am afraid of installing it. Should I, even knowing that I rooted my phone? :confused:

    Any advise is very much appreciated.

  2. AcesUnder

    AcesUnder New Member

    Had the exact same issue today.

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