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Hero newbie needs help with MMS on o2

  1. carriee2652

    carriee2652 Active Member

    Hello all. just received my beautiful, wonderful, lovely HTC hero for christmas and i'm having a small problem.

    I am on o2 PAYG and my hero is locked to Orange UK, so i invested in a REBELSIMII (as i am too scared to try rooting my phone). I am unable to receive or send MMS. I have followed these

    O2 Forum :: View topic - No 3G support for HTC HERO??!!!

    instructions and still no joy. I know some people are able to see small thumbnail but mine just keeps saying "download of message was unsuccessful. Please any help, hints or tips are hugely appreciated.


    Carrie :confused:

    REBELSIMII (arrived in 24 hours)

    REBEL CUT TURBO SIM CARD FOR HTC HERO UNLOCKING on eBay (end time 13-Jan-10 22:04:18 GMT)

  2. Gertrude

    Gertrude Member

    Did you try sending the word active to 2020?
  3. carriee2652

    carriee2652 Active Member

    I have already spoken to o2 and they have said that they do not support the hero so i don't think it will work but will give it a blast anyway. thanks
  4. carriee2652

    carriee2652 Active Member

    Got a message back saying there was a problem and i need to phone o2 customer service. Oh well, it was worth a try. thanks anyway
  5. Gertrude

    Gertrude Member

    Got a few difference in my settings to those in that post you list.

    mms - I have no proxy, just not set for proxy and the port field after it. Server is not set on my phone. mms protocol is 2.0

    mobile web apn - username is O2web

    Worth a go. These are all settings that the network or my sim gave to my vanilla sim free hero. I configured nothing!

    let us know the outcome.
  6. carriee2652

    carriee2652 Active Member

    Hiya! gave that a try and still not getting anything. Resigned myself to the fact that i have a great phone that can't do picture messaging unless i change networks.

    thanks anyway


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