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Hero on 3 network (uk)

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  1. PygmyArr

    PygmyArr Member

    i have a free upgrade due next couple of days, and i am seriously considering the Hero

    but does anyone know how much "customization" 3 put onto it...?

    or how i can get rid of it.. will be my first android phone so have 0 clue about it other thatn it looks good.

    my curent phone (son ericsson c905) has tons of 3's junk on it which i cant get rid of.

  2. GordonEndersby

    GordonEndersby Active Member

    Ive recently got a hero from 3.
    There is no customisation as such, just a couple of links to the 3 websites for there services. No special backgrounds or branding from 3.
    The sense UI is completly cutomiseable so you can change it as much as you like.

    The only thing is they only do the white cased handset but it looks quite good and I havnt marked or stained the case in the last few weeks.

  3. n0v

    n0v Well-Known Member


    great phone, just got mine. Very little 3 customisation, 2 shortcuts I believe that can be deleted.

    Make sure you get a good deal, I got it for 26.50 a month and the price on the website is
  4. GordonEndersby

    GordonEndersby Active Member

    I pay
  5. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Try getting an upgrade from Carphone Warehouse or somewhere like that. If you go for the White, Black or other standard colour device this should be like having a standard SIM free device as an upgrade.

    I don't know the situation with 3, but Orange and T-Mobile users should definitely look at this if they want to be first in line for HTC's updates, as these companies add extra splash screens etc after the standard update.
  6. PygmyArr

    PygmyArr Member

    for those who have it (mines delayed in the frikking snow atm) htc / 3uk have released a rom update in the last few days.

  7. scaz

    scaz Active Member

    Three lock off the ability too turn the network choice off between 2g and 3g which is a bloody pain in the but.

    Also seems like three can't be rooted as they have locked the rom off but not 100% sure on that as of yet.

    Plus very slow with later updates in the htc site
  8. JODmeister

    JODmeister Member

    There's widget to switch off 3G services....mines on 4.

  9. scaz

    scaz Active Member

    whats it called mate, as I was left aware that three uk lock all phones into automatic selection and not manual.
  10. gaanrowl

    gaanrowl Active Member

  11. Jamil

    Jamil Active Member

  12. JODmeister

    JODmeister Member

    I have x4 widgets to use....Bluetooth, wi-fi, Mobile and GPS.

    Each one turns the service on/off....the one named mobile...I'm sure, turns off 3G.

  13. Choppius

    Choppius Member

    It looks like it only changes the 'connect to the internet' setting.
  14. dino

    dino Active Member

    can anyone tell me whether the Hero on three allows mobile tethering to a PC? ie. can i get mobile internet access by connecting to the hero with bluetooth and using it as a modem? i've heard some networks have that feature locked out on the hero.


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