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Hero Run-run for fun!!!

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  1. Letang

    Letang Active Member

    Pros and cons
    Pros: Highly additive flying game, lots of rewards and power ups make the whole gameplay interesting.
    Cons: Crashes and freezes are common and the graphics are sub-standard.

    Hero Run is a game that gets into everybody's head and trust me once you start playing the game, you will get hook up to it for sure just like me. The developer of this fun game is GoGogame who has been making such a wonderful game from a long time. If you want to kill your time, then I would highly suggest you to download this game and have a lot of fun.

    How to play

    After installing the game you have to touch the screen to start the game.

    You have to keep touching the bear so that the bear is able to flying.

    You have to run as fast as you can and collects as many combs as you can, put make sure that you avoid the bee bombs and devil loud laser to reach higher level without killing yourself.

    You have to collect spin coins to win special rewards in the final spin of the game.

    You will also get opportunity to have a joy ride on some animals for different moves.
    Here are some of the important features of Hero Run:
    It has cool 3D effect which makes the fun of the game endless.

    It has the options of leader board and achievement in the local history, so that you can challenge yourself to reach the higher level of the game.

    It has swing and tilt which is simple; easy to control and you get comfortable feeling because of simple features.

    In per unit you will get an opportunity to collect sculptor to trigger a random skills.

    If you collect more soul stone to unlock other skills which will be shown in the higher level.
    It has variety of martial arts like for example agility, cornering, jumping, and sliding.

    There is variety of play like freeze time, floating island and landslides; so you will never get bore of this game for sure.
    download link:
    my twitter: @letanginc
    my page: https://www.facebook.com/LeTangGames


  2. Letang

    Letang Active Member

  3. Letang

    Letang Active Member

    sorry, I forget I have post this game, so I edit it as a game review.
    sorry about that~

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