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  1. adam355

    adam355 Well-Known Member

    Looks like uscellular has made the hero s available for purchase on their web site. If anyone buys one I would love to hear some feedback! Thanks!

    HTC Hero

  2. adam355

    adam355 Well-Known Member

    My gf purchased one and returned the electrify because it was too big and bulky for her. The hero s is a nice little phone. Very fast for not being dual core. It is kind of similar to the incredible 2 but with sense 3.0 and slightly better hardware. the price tag is maybe 50 dollars too high but it was still well worth it.
  3. Jeremy1976

    Jeremy1976 Member

    Been loving mine. I had a Desire but the internal memory thing was just driving me nuts. The Hero S is unreal!! It was between that and the Electrify and after picking up the Electrify it was no comparison. You cannot beat the build quality of HTC.
  4. rbeachy

    rbeachy Member

    Agree with both previous posters. My daughter bought an Electrify, which I played with extensively. I then went back to the store and picked up the Hero S, and it was just like, "yeah come to Daddy". Good solid build and fit my hand much better that the Electrify. I too switched from a Desire for the same memory issue. This is my 3rd HTC phone and I've become quite a raving fan. Contrary to some, I love the Sense UI. :)

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