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  1. nikjensie

    nikjensie New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 12, 2009
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    Just found a really annoying issue with my (and everyone elses?) Hero... if someone wants to confirm this for me I'd really appreciate it...

    I'm using Modaco 2.0 and I used EncoderHD to encode some videos to watch on the bus to work... The conversion went great and a quick glance before I took off this morning showed a wonderful, smooth playback with no issues whatsoever...
    On the bus, I get as comfortable as one could get on a bus, flick on the Hero, start the "Album" and select my video... only to experience about 2-3 seconds of Audio/Video sync issues... what????

    It didn't take much testing to figure out that everything works great with the speakers and wired headsets but when I connect my bluetooth stereo headset (I have the Samsung WEP870 and the SE HBH-IS800) the sync issues start...

    Has anyone else experienced this or similair issues? Is there a solution? If not, do we think it's a solvable issue ( I don't have this issue on my Touch HD, but then again, the playback is far from being as smooth...)



  2. leeladisky

    leeladisky Active Member

    Oct 15, 2009
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    I have this same problem, constantly throughout playback and I'm on the stock ROM. BT video is choppy and out of sync, BT music slows downs, speeds up and won't play at consistant speeds.

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