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  1. JamesDax

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    On paper this thing looks great for $229.



  2. gohanmoka

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    where did u find that at
  3. jtbnet

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  5. Dvalin21

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    Nice, wish it was in 10inch
  6. imagecolour

    imagecolour Member

    i am also waiting for Herotab MID816 release. Hoping it to be a Ipad killer
  7. lilbran

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    I just got mine this afternoon (December 30th, 2010). I also missed it, the DHL man had just within minutes left the note that I had to sign for it, gotten back in his truck and was almost ready to fly off when I ran out in the driveway freakin out that it was my Android Tablet lol.

    I will see what I can do about posting pictures very soon... Thinking about possibly a video... Any questions? Feel free to ask me anything...

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  8. rhandshumaker

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    DHL Guy called before arriving...opened up...impressed other than the fact the market is in Chinese and wont accept appbrain. Also Gmail opens and immediately closes, don't know what is up there but still testing. Forcing downloaded apk's as I post to this forum.
  9. lilbran

    lilbran Member

    Yeah same thing happened on mine... I don't like the normal email app, but for now thats what my gmail is set up on... YouTube FC's... Tried to play YT video on YT Mobile website and its very choppy video, audio is fine. I know that on my HTC EVO, they play fine on the youtube website... URGH. Hoping, from what I read there will be a firmware update released within the next week from the Herotab company or "Factory" as MeriMobile's calls it, we should have a fix for a lot of issues. They said that it would be posted on their site for download when it's available...

    I know theres gotta be a way to get an app market on their other than the one that they put on the tablet when shipping... Just have to get the SD card working first (described below):

    I just went out to buy a MicroSD card and I'm having trouble getting it recognized. Its a PNY 8GB SDHC MicroSD memory card. Its coming up on the notification bar as saying that it's damaged. Yet when I put it in my computer, it pops up just fine. I used an 8GB transflash/micro SD card from my HTC EVO (whatever brand came stock with the EVO upon release to public), popped it right into the tablet and it was fine, worked fine, downloaded a file right to the card and then even launched it, so I know the port works... Maybe there is an issue with brand?? Thinking about swapping the two and just putting the new one in my HTV EVO.

    In regards to the screen -- It doesn't have multi-touch support, as far as I can tell... Def not in the default browser, which I saw in the YT review video on the MeriMobile's site, which isn't a big concern to me. There is a jitter or shake to it, like I read before I received it... It's kind of touchy == the first thing that came to mind tho was the screen protectors that they have out there that make the screen more responsive - hopefully something like this will be available for the bigger screens, even if i have to cut it out myself (with a straight razor = nice clean cut lines).

    Other than that I haven't been able to do much since the app market is in Chinese, the other app market (Slide) which was installed for English users requires a working SD card to even open... I'm stuck in the mudd at the moment. Going to switch out the SD card from my EVO and play with it some more and I'll update you guys!

    Here is a picture that I took with the Herotab MID 816 2MP Camera... It was an overcast day out... My fat Garfield lookin cat, Oliver is the subject of the picture ;)

  10. lilbran

    lilbran Member

    OK... Before I start this post I should tell you, I have a HTC EVO 4G with Sprint, currently working and with a premium data plan... I do have root access and also access to system files through ADB.

    So as I've played with this device a little more I've noticed some of the following:

    (PS - If you have found a work around to any of the issues or concerns I've posted, please feel free to update this thread or message me to let me know what you've found)

    • NO People/Contact App
      • Nothing was pre-installed and as of yet, I have not found one to download which actually works.
        • I tried pulling the PEOPLE.APK from my EVO but to no luck, it didn't work.
      • Most annoying thing about not having this people/contact app is there is no database on this device to store information on your people, such as email addresses... Ya know how you start typing and the rest of the info shows up? No dice without a people/contact app :(
    • NO GMail (that works)
      • GMail was preinstalled, however didn't work! Opened for a split second to a white screen and then went right back to the previous screen.
        • I have scoured the internet trying to find a working GMail.apk download... Have found several, yet none of them work.
          • I did however pull the GMAIL.APK from my EVO, along with the Google Framework APK that was listed in the system folder. I was so excited, GMail started right up, asked my information, started syncing and then said I had no internet connection, yet I was securely connected to my home wifi, no luck. I have Root WiFi Tether on my phone so I turned it on, connected and tried with the cellular internet and for sure it connected, sync'd and pulled in my mail... HOWEVER, within seconds, a force close popped up... UGH! Continuous FC's - Now I'm no developer (at least yet) - but if my thoughts are correct, if someoene could port over the Google Framework to this build of Android 2.2, GMail would work correctly with no Force Closes.
    • NO Genuine "Market" App
      • The tablet comes pre-installed with a market named SlideMe, which is an OK alternative, however horribly lacking in the diversity of programs the Genuine Market App has on my EVO and I'm sure with other Android cell phones.
        • Which means, a lot of the APKs and apps that I install on my tablet are either searched for by internet browsing through tablet or by computer transfer to MicroSD card, as USB transfer (MicroUSB (on tablet) to USB (on computer)) doesn't work properly.
          • USB TRANSFER ISSUE: When you plug in the tablet to the computer with the MicroUSB (on tablet) to USB (on computer), turning on access on the tablet to mount the EXTERNAL Memory (MicroSD Card), everything appears normal, makes USB ding dong noise, pops up the window saying you just inserted a portable HDD, what do you want to do? blerr blerr blerr... You open it up as file explorer, everything is there... THEN since everything looks fine, you transfer some files to it, successfully, unmount the USB device from the icon next to the clock... Unmount it from the tablet itself and then start up Astro File Manager (downloaded from XDADev - I'll post link later) and WHAT?! NOTHING YOU TRANSFERED FROM THE COMPUTER IS THERE! Nothing!! Cleared program cache, still nothing. The only way that I've found to be able to transfer files from the computer to the tablet is by physically removing the SD card from the tablet (after properly unmounting of course) and using a MicroSD to SD adapter and transferring files back and forth manually - WOW! What a process, especially for (1) file.
    • Resistive Touchscreen
      • It is temperamental and as of yet, I do not believe there to be a Calibration setting or app to fix the jittering and the 'just a tad off' placement when you tap the screen.
      • INFO FOR PEOPLE SAYING "Whats the difference between capacitive and resistive? Or why do I care about the screen, at least it's a touchscreen!"
        • With resistive touchscreen, the screen is reactive to your actual finger, but in situations where the item you want to click on screen isnt 'finger-size' big, you will have to use your fingernail to tap... which is the reason why the manufacturer actually supplied a Stylus, which is shown inside the lip of the tablet in the photos I posted above..
    • Web Browsing
      • I've had a mostly awesome experience in the web browser - No complaints, as I know what my HTC EVO can do and this tablet, so far, as lived up to what my phone can do, very pleased!
    • Google Voice
      • OK so for all the Google addicts and members of Google Voice, I can confirm that you are able to install the APK (which again, I searched through Google for), and I have successfully text messaged people from the app. Have not tried any phone calls as of yet, but I used to have it set up with a number from a provider and made calls through internet for free, however, I haven't gotten to that stage yet, as I've forgotten how I had it configured on my old disconnected HTC Hero when I upgraded to the EVO.
    • Facebook
      • Preinstalled: LOOKS AWESOME on this screen. I do have to say though when you are looking at your wall, and this might just be my tablet, the images take FOREVER to load, as well as, some of them just have a yellow caution and exclamation mark and never load, even after refreshing through the app menu (only a minor annoyance, since you can click on the image thumbnail that failed to load to see full version).
    • Camera
      • 2MP camera, I took a picture, which I posted on the previous entry I made on this thread... Like I stated above, the subject of the picture was my Garfield lookin, Oliver :) Cute huh? lol Anyway, the day was overcast, I was outside on the side of the house where he has a little perch he sits on... I wasn't really expecting much out of the camera, honestly, so from what kinda picture it took, I'm decently impressed... I'm not saying I'll take pictures and try to print them on this, it's awkward as hell to hold the tablet in place to take a picture of someone else since its a front facing camera... Self portraits only really, mainly for video chatting probably (which I have yet to try! stay tuned!)...
    • YouTube
      • Preinstalled: DOA! Didn't work. Googled for another YouTube APK and found one that worked... So now YouTube works, I also downloaded Youtube Downloader, it plays as well as DOWNLOADS the youtube videos.
      • I have noticed a slight audio/video sync issue, slightly... But it also might be the youtube video... I'm looking into this.
    • Skype (BETA)
      • Preinstalled: I have no even opened this app... I'll check this out at a later time.
    • RadioTime
      • Preinstalled: I thought this was a 'worth-mentioning' app that came on the tablet... You are able to play and stream radio locally or outside your area, looks nationwide... Pretty neat, just found it before posting this thread.
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  11. BradleyF

    BradleyF New Member

    Hey, great pictures and info here. Thanks for that. I ordered mine on Dec 30th and am trying to get up to speed with everything. Given the flexible keyboard I assume you got yours from Merimobiles (me too). Interesting that you got the matte black rubbery(?) one. Others seem to be getting the gloss black one. I don't know if you've seen it but there is a good forum for this tablet going at Slatedroid. There are some guys there that seem to really know what they're talking about (especially compared to me!).
    In regards to calibrating the touchscreen I saw this at Slatedroid:

    Pg. 42 (from manual)
    Touch Calibration (IMPORTANT)
    1) Long press MENU button
    - Pop-up keyboard box
    2) Enter and Go on Long Press until the Calibration page pops-up
    3) Follow the prompts exactly
    - Click with the touch pen calibration point in turn
    (all credit goes to Tasselhof)
  12. lilbran

    lilbran Member

    See, I saw that in the manual... But step 2 makes no sense to me. What does "Enter and Go on Long Press" even mean?! I'm not a n00b to computers... Been playing with them since I was 5 lol... If anyone actually has one of these - let me know if you understand what Step 2 actually means...

    And thank you Bradley for letting me know about Slatedriod's forum -- I'm going to swing over there and see if they have anything else new posted over there that could help me out...

    As for the rubbery keyboard, yes I got from Merimobiles... I've seen different versions of this tablet and the accessories... Everything that I got however was in matte finish, which I like much better than glossy. It doesn't show as many finger prints and has a nice masculine feel, compared to the glossy -- Plus if you think about it, if the glossy version gets a nick on it from tapping a hard surface just a tad too hard, that means you have a chip taken off of the gloss layer that was painted on the device which makes it look more "used and abused" lol, no worries when its the matte version :)
  13. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this review. I was seriously thinking of getting one for my girlfriend but think I'll wait for the Archos 70 to come down in price a little. Great review.

  14. lilbran

    lilbran Member

    Hey Mark -- Glad that I could be of some kind of help. I would say if you want a more polished device, you might wanna wait for the Archos, but I'm not guaranteeing that lol... I've never tested or worked on an Archos, but because they are a brand name you have that backing your product, more-so that my Herotab...

    However I will say, I don't have any regrets on buying my Herotab MID 816! I know it's not perfected... but it will get there with the development of other users in the community, as well as, it sounds like the "factory" and/or "manufacturer" that Merimobiles refers to is going to be releasing firmware updates, which means the issue that aren't working - will be working soon! Including, from what I've read through forums, the working Market. Supposedly, the tablet didn't pass whatever kind of qualifications that the main Market app requires for them to give the factory or manufacturer the license to put it on the devices... Hopefully this is going to be changed with the firmware update, like I've read across the net...
  15. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

    She's not tech oriented at all and the reviews on the ARCHOS have mostly been pretty good, besides it has a capacitive screen. If the HERO develops we still may pick one up for her. Wal Mart, now Amazon, has a "NETSGO KASER" model that looks good, but I can find no reviews on it. Thanks again.

  16. lilbran

    lilbran Member

    Someone being not tech saavy, means you will have to pick up the slack when she is wondering what is going on... I would consider holding off until the price of these tablets come down some... That tablet that you were looking at has 2 major downfalls in my eyes...

    #1 - 800MHz processor (Netsgo) vs 1.2GHz processor (Herotab)
    #2 - 256MB DDR2 RAM (Netsgo) vs 512MB DDR2 RAM (Herotab)

    These 2 things mean major differences in speed of the tablet... Spending close to $200 on your Netsgo and then your girlfriend getting upset that it is too slow could be a huge waste of your money... Might be something you wanna consider. Just food for thought.

    As well as, I couldn't find any information on what version of Android OS is running on the tablet... I don't believe in buying anything under the 2.2 due to the fact that Flash 10.1 isn't by default installed. If your girl does stuff online that requires the flash player, be careful... I did see Flash Lite was installed, but it's not quite the same thing, it's limited compared to version 10.1
  17. sobreto

    sobreto New Member

    hey can you say me if

    camera can do videochat (ex. skype),

    and about usb, how many usb are there? is full usb or micro usb? is posible plug in usb devices like slim hdd or slim dvd without ac?

    does usb modem work?

    can play videos from another pc(windows) by wifi

    can play mp4,mkv 720p fluently?

    we know is resistive but is really multitouch or not?

    forgive me if i
  18. lilbran

    lilbran Member

    I'm really sorry for the delay, I was out of state in Maine taking pictures of sunset & sunrise of some lighthouses with my sister at the beginning of the week and catching up on things... Tried to answer to the best of my ability so far with testing the tablet ;)

    • I haven't tried video chat as of yet (not something I do very often), but I will see if I can get Skype installed on my PC and see if it works between Android & computer... Android to Android, I will have to check to see, I'll try it out between the tablet and my HTC EVO and keep you posted.

    • There is (1) full size USB (like the ports you have on a regular computer)
    • There is (1) micro USB (for plugging into computer to transfer data - NOT FOR CHARGING)
    • I connected a USB hard drive, with external power and it powered up just fine, however I don't know how in the world to access the actual files on the USD HDD :-/ Gonna Google it and see what I can find.

    • I do not have a USB modem. Not planning on getting one either; I have an HTC EVO which throws off it's own wireless signal, so I can be on the highway and my tablet will be online (which I did a couple days ago when I went to Maine - worked great!)

    • As far as playing videos via WiFi, that is something I haven't tried out as of yet... I will work on testing this out for you and keep you posted ;)

    • I do not have any 720p videos on my MicroSD card, I'll work on testing this one out for you ASAP too!

    • There is no multi-touch on the device... At least as of yet. Resistive screens offer the capability, but it's an additional driver and something that the manufacturer has to implement in one of their updates. This would be a plus, but for right now I'm not too concerned, the double-tap on screen to zoom is very accurate and really not bothersome @ all.
  19. sobreto

    sobreto New Member

    hey, thanks very much for review, i`ll hope your tests
  20. kaneroberts

    kaneroberts New Member

    First of all when i received the 816 i couldnt get much to work on there. The slideme market was useless. the screen on the 816 is very touchy and whenever i try to move the page on the screen it either jumps around or opens an application that i dont want. i figured when the firmware update came out that would fix all the issues. unfortunatly i cant get the firmware update to work. i followed the video and that didnt seem to help. i added the 4 files to the system 32 and when i tried to use the update bat file a window opens and says press any key to continue. i press enter like the video says, the window closes and nothing happens on the tablet or on the computer. i got both computer to recognize the tablet on vista and windows 7 but wont install. i have contacted merimobiles and one guy said he had other complaints about missing files from their link. i have sent emails and even did a live chat which they never responded to. they still havent sent the 4gb sd card that they promised since there were delays in the tablets arrival.:mad: any ideas anyone?
  21. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    You might want to check out M816 section over on Slatedroid;

    HeroTab M816

    as there seems to be info with tips, tricks, videos, custom firmware, etc... seems like could be a lot of useful stuff ... though as I don't have one of these I haven't read a lot of it...
  22. androidtouchpc

    androidtouchpc New Member

    we have been working a lot with slatedroid in developing updated firmware for this tablet. feel free to check out the latest thread on the subject: Login
  23. webmastertroi

    webmastertroi New Member

    I am only posting here because I can't find the thread that addresses my prob.. I need help with my Herotab MID 816. I can't get rid of the original owners Google account which means no access to Google apps. Can anyone please help?

  24. androidtouchpc

    androidtouchpc New Member

    download the zip file from here: http://androidtouchpc.com/images/tools/WIPEITOUT.zip

    this will flush out the google and allow you to setup a new account.
  25. ThomasPolk

    ThomasPolk New Member

    I think I would go for the the Herotab C8 over this one. It has similar specs with a slightly smaller 7" capacitive touch screen, which would be much nicer to use on a day to day basis. There's also a really good user group on Slatedroid.

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