Hertz Audio Recorder (or other)?

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  1. patilj

    patilj Member

    Has anyone got this app working on their LG Eve? I don't have mine in front of me, but I was getting some kind of error, or something missing file or component. I'll followup on this message when I see it again with the specifics.

    That said, are there any good audio recording programs for the LG Eve that folks have gotten to work? When I say audio, I mean high quality, and not just voice quality. On my old HTC Mogul in Windows Mobile I have an awesome program called Resco that does a great job at this. Resco Audio Recorder| Overview

  2. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    Is that app compatible with 1.5? It may only run on 1.6 and above and if that's the case you'll have to wait until 1.6 becomes official from LG / Rogers in the Spring.

    Here's another recording app, but again only runs on 1.6.
  3. bbuckley0

    bbuckley0 New Member

    If you are looking for an audio recorder, try Livo Recorder Pro on the Android Market. It supports multiple recording formats, (WAV, AMR, etc), pause-and-resume for both recording and playback, a nice desktop widget, email options (including auto-emailing recordings when they complete), and other features. See http://machplusone.com/Mobile.aspx

    Check it out!

  4. patilj

    patilj Member

    :-( I found out that on the LG Eve that high quality recording is not supported using Livo Recorder Pro. Maybe it's a hardware limitation? It tells me that it's not supported on this device, so I still record with poor quality. Has anyone who's upgrade their Android OS on the LG Eve noticed the same thing too? I haven't upgrade yet.
  5. bbuckley0

    bbuckley0 New Member

    What setting are you trying to change when you get the message? Some Android phones will not let you record in Stereo mode (presumably because they only have a single mic and would only be wasting file space). If you continue to get an error, you should contact Livo support through the Market link or the Livo website.
  6. patilj

    patilj Member

    In the main menu I click on settings. Every setting is whatever is default. The only thing I changed is "Sample Rate (WAV only)" to this value "44100 Hz", even half that value, or a quarter of that value. It doesn't matter. It tells me "Setting Not Supported - The requested recording option is not supported on this device". Please note that it's already in MONO mode, so stereo doesn't explain it.

  7. Aaron21

    Aaron21 Guest

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