hey can anyone help me...

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  1. zerticen

    zerticen Member

    hello guys
    im new to this rooting thing
    can you help me root my toshiba tablet Lt 170
    gingerbread 2.3.4

    thanks guys

  2. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues - Crazy peacock person -

    Hello, and welcome. :) A couple of things:

    1) We're not all guys. :p

    2) It'd be best to post your question in the appropriate forum for your tablet; there should be an 'all things root' subforum there. You're much more likely to get good answers there.
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  3. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    I took the liberty to move this for you. Since there doesn't seem to be a forum for your specific device I placed it under General Tablet. Hopefully someone will be able to better assist you with your issue's and questions. Good Luck.
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  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Unless it is pre-rooted (install Root Checker to be sure) it is unlikely the developer support will exist for a budget brand tablet, and even if it is pre-rooted, forget custom ROMs because the likelihood of a custom recovery image supporting these cheapies is pretty low.

    Rooting a budget tablet is pretty much good only for overclocking and system management. (Linux guru type stuff like changing VM heap size, memory management, etc)
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  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Thing is the Toshiba is not really a budget tablet. 200 GBP, which is about $300 USD. Although I didn't actually realise Toshiba was doing Android tablets, so I guess dev and rooting support could be difficult for a little known device.
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  6. zerticen

    zerticen Member

    moody blues sorry eheh

    argedion thanks man

    nick and mike ive intall root checker by joeykrim and it says that the device does not have proper root access
    does it mean that my device cant be rooted
  7. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    No it means that it isn't rooted YET. whether it is rootable or not depends on how popular it is with developers
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  8. zerticen

    zerticen Member

    oww i see
    is there any basic rooting guide that i could try
  9. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    try searching XDA Developers, if the tablet has any support, they will be one of the first to find out from. rooting a tablet can be easy, or hard. there is a different method to each model and make. there is just no 'universal' rooting method. it will take a certain type of program or set of steps for YOUR make and model tablet. basically, the tutorial for rooting an HTC Sense, will NOT work on your tablet. and keep in mind that it could be one of the harder to root models, involving command line ADB hacking. that was sadly the only way i had at the time to root my ZTE Merit phone. i can only hope your tablet is one of those easier to root models.

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