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    Jan 31, 2009
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    Today I'm celebrating the 1 week anniversary of my g1 purchase! Hopefully, that doesn't mean I will spend the day glued to my phone (although that has a tendency to happen more often than I would like!).

    Admittedly, I almost returned the g1 earlier this week. The reason being that I am a devout Sony Ericsson fan, and I was missing the w810i that I had faithfully enjoyed for the past 3 years. Why? Well, there's probably a more appropriate thread for that discussion, but mostly because of some handy SE operating system features that are missing from the g1.

    I'm still a bit uncertain about the g1, but comparing it with the w810i is almost like comparing apples to oranges. In fact, when I was considering returning the g1, another thought that crossed my mind was to keep the g1 as a mini computer and continue to use the w810i as a phone and mp3 player. The g1's built-in gps, pop3 e-mail, full web access, blogging and ftp programs are pretty darn cool to carry around in your pocket!

    Glad to see that there is an organized forum to share feature wish lists, technical questions and g1 news. Looking forward to learning more about the g1 here and perhaps trying my hand (as a novice programmer) at developing.


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    Welcome to the forums!

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