hey people with ascends able to play netflix?Support

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  1. sars101

    sars101 Member

    I got it for the house but would be even better if I can watch it at work its kindaslow theses days

  2. Can0dope

    Can0dope Well-Known Member

    Check xda. They made a version that works w/ the optimus, and it supposedly works halfass w/ the Ascend 1. I don't see why it wouldn't work with the A2.
  3. slashdotjeo

    slashdotjeo Member

    I downloaded it from the app store it doesn't work. It runs the app but when I hit play it just cycles back to the netflix select a video section. Tried it on my stock 2.2 and some user stated it worked on the CM7. I can tell you its not working on CM7 either, same problem.
  4. Deej029

    Deej029 Well-Known Member

  5. fihab

    fihab Member

    I found that the netflix app helped eliminate the endless buffering but the processor on the A2 just isn't capable of playing the video at the same rate as the sound. If I'm wrong let me know because I love my netflix but I didn't want to buy a $300 phone to watch it.
  6. viper941

    viper941 New Member

    I have no problem with Netflix as long as i am going thru WiFi. Via 3g I get audio/video sync issues.

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