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  1. Hi folks, just got myself a new HTC Desire yesterday and had no idea at all about it - I came here thru Google and am happy to join up, as just reading 2 or 3 threads has helped so much!

    Look forward to being here, and playing with *cough* sorry, using my new phone ;)


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    Jan 31, 2010
    Hi and welcome to Android Forums!

    Don't worry...you're not the only one that spends more time playing with your phone...rather than actually "using" it! ;) Android is a fun operating system (I own the Moto Droid...but it's all fun)!

    This place is really helpful and hopefully you'll be able to discover even more fun...er.....productive things you can do with your phone :D
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  3. Hi there! :)

    Welcome to AF! We hope you enjoy your stay!

    *hugs* :eek:
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