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  1. hades_ibex

    hades_ibex New Member

    Hi all. I've only had my first droid device about half a year and am starting to dabble a little with Eclipse now. Still scratching my head over a few very basic things. I hope to learn a thing or two here, and hopefully contribute back some wisdom once I'm at that level. Android forever!

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    It's great to have you here hades_ibex. Welcome to Android Forums. I hope you enjoy your time here and that you will gain from the time spent. Thanks for joining and taking the time to say hello.
  3. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome, hades_ibex. Good to have you here with us. :)

    If there's anything we can help you with here, just let us know. :thumbup:
  4. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Welcome :wavey:
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :cool:

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