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  1. Blaurad

    Blaurad New Member

    Hey, new to the forums.

    I found you all by doing a bit of research on what new phone to get.. was researching an Evo and this forum came up on Bing. Found out some faults about the Evo that I didn't like and got some good info on some alternatives like the Nexus (ultimately decided on the SGS2 T989).

    The info was amazing and really helped me a lot, so I decided to come back here whenever I needed help and to share the TINY and limited info I have at this point with anyone that needs it.

    Happy to have found this place! :D

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome Blaurad, to the forums :)

    Glad to see you are already using the site to your benefit and maybe saved you from making a bad decision down the line!

    Hopefully we can continue to provide this kind of service to you in the future :D

    Thanks for joining!

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