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Hi everyone :)

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  1. EchoPro12

    EchoPro12 New Member

    My name is Julian I am 13 years old and I will be 14 on March. My brother gave me his old Droid X and I want to learn more about Android phones. I will also like to help anyone and everyone here.

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi Julian,

    Welcome to the forum. Here's a link to your device's area of support Motorola Droid X - Android Forums where you can find lots of hints, info, tips and tricks on your device.

    Thanks for joining the community. :)
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  3. Flaviu

    Flaviu Well-Known Member

    Welcome to android forums buddy :)
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  4. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, Julian!

    I picked-up a Droid X on launch day (July 15th, 2010) and its still going strong, although its a wifi-only device for me nowadays.

    Be sure to check-out the various Droid X forums--there's still a lot of very friendly and knowledgeable folks in there:

    Motorola Droid X - Android Forums

    Droid X - Support and Troubleshooting - Android Forums

    Droid X - All Things Root - Android Forums

    Cheers and thank you for signing-up with us here at AF! :)
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  5. EchoPro12

    EchoPro12 New Member

    Thanks everyone:)
  6. zflamewing

    zflamewing Well-Known Member

    Since Rush and Scary have you all set on links I'll just say howdy and welcome to AF! Thank you for joining these forums and stopping in to say hello.
  7. itsalexaye

    itsalexaye Well-Known Member

    welcome to the android forums dude

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