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    I'm a little new to forums, and smartphones. I've got a Droid X, and I've been reading up on apps and such, and I came across the Peel advertisement for iPhone, where they turn the phone into a remote control for your television. I'm looking into possibly getting a Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom, and I'm wondering if I could use it in conjunction with some sort of slingshot device or whatever to fulfill the same role? If so, what would I need to do this? Money isn't an option, as this is all hypothetical right now...I'm just sort of feeling out the idea and seeing if it's been done, in the process of being done, or what. As I said, I'm new to forums, so I may have overlooked the appropriate area to start this thread, but I'm hoping an Admin can move it or direct me as to which area to look into. Thanks!

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