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  1. Bluestingers

    Bluestingers New Member

    Hello I just got my Huawei 8230 yesterday, its great for the price but I found out after I got it that there is no marketplace , so is there any way I could install the market place without missing with anything else because its locked.
    One more thing that is really not important but it is bothering me which is the incoming ringtones is ringing in the ascending way and i can't find any option to make it ring normally.
    I'm new to the forums by the way so its really nice to see U guys :)

  2. henriqueigc

    henriqueigc Member

    Have you found the answer for this question? :rolleyes:
  3. kennylucky

    kennylucky New Member

    hello everone! I just got my Huawei 8230 yesterday,

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