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Hi i'm Conor

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  1. irishgandalf

    irishgandalf Well-Known Member

    Hi i'm a 22 year old student from Dublin, Ireland. I've been interested in the android project for a while now (looking at news on engadget and gizmodo every so often). What attracted me to the android project was the face that the iphone looked so finger friendly (i've an ipod touch so i can verify). But i hate the on screen keyboard and the shit. The HTC Dream with the slide out qwerty keyboard deff appeals to me. Also the Open source nature of the OS is a huge plus (you need only look at firefox and ubuntu to see that community supported apps are the best way to go).


  2. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Welcome, Connor!

    I totally agree with your thoughts. However I think the Open Source system is the biggest plus. I'm a big fan of physical QWERTYs (I have an LG Voyager) but since Android is Open Source you knew that some Android Phone would have this form factor at some point.

    In any case welcome to AF and enjoy your stay!
  3. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Welcome Conor!

    Long story short, I tried Linux four or five years ago, ended up going back to Windows. About a month ago I decided to give 'er a go again and wow, Linux has come a long way over the years. I put Ubunutu Server on one box and Desktop on another, and ... you're right. The community behind Ubunutu is amazing. I've only had a couple speed bumps along the way and I can thank the community (and my googlin' skillz) for speedy resolutions. One guy even wrote a script that I have run at startup that helps me meet one of goals I needed.

    My point - I've always been a fan of OS, and that is personally my biggest reason behind supporting Android. I'm 100% GPL where I can be. Even my router runs GPL software. I've found that for computer savvy peeps, community based support far exceeds that of company based support - in my personal experience anyway.

    Yeah yeah I've rambled enough. Welcome :)
  4. irishgandalf

    irishgandalf Well-Known Member

    I must say i've flirted with ubuntu on more then a few occasions! i'm currently on Vista (but that could change with 8.10). I'm also a free software fenatic (i have found that the internet geek community usually look out for each other and there's usually a free (and sometimes better) version of software that you are currently using (yes i'm pointing at you new pc user who thinks the only software you can get is in the computer store! Boy how wrong you are!) I've found several examples of very good free software so feel free to ask "is there free software that does....?"
  5. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    irishgandalf... i think that will be one of the coolest things about Android vs. iPhone. Open Source projects seem to attract much more of the "freeware" that is developed for the good of the community.

    Don't worry, I'll be asking "does anything free do xyz" plenty haha. Some of the programs I use most often are also free. FileZilla for FTP. ChatZilla for IRC in FireFox. And the list goes on...
  6. irishgandalf

    irishgandalf Well-Known Member

  7. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    ha... i use that too!
  8. irishgandalf

    irishgandalf Well-Known Member

    bugger.. well maybe other ppl on the forum will be enlightened

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