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hi! problem with marketSupport

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  1. najiamir

    najiamir New Member

    i've tried searching the forum but didn't find an answer.

    I keep getting "download unsuccessful" message while trying to download apps from the market. can anyone help?

    I just want to download a few specific apps...


  2. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    make sure your internet connection is stable. if still cant, restart your phone. for me, if download was unsuccessful, all i had to do was off n on my phone, download will start after reboot.
  3. spen_66

    spen_66 New Member

    Hi najiamir,
    I too faced the same problem and searched for all solutions. Atlast i have found one. Best method is do "Factory data rest". I have got same problem in my sony ericssion Xperia X8. I have tried to clean the cache of each app but it didn't work. So I done "Factory data rest". Before doing this take a backup of Your "contacts". This solution worked for me [SONY ERICSSION XPERIA X8].Reply me if this work or not . :)

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