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Hi :) Pulse Mini

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  1. JCCAndroid

    JCCAndroid Member

    Hi, Just joined :D.

    Im buying my pulse mini next week, fell in love with it when I saw it, that and the price tag with 6 months free internet attached :D.

    But anyway, I was wondering how it would handle games like Pocket Empire? Also simple games like Jeweled? And that miner one :D..Sorry like I said new ;).

    Thanks for reading, and any tips/tricks for the pulse mini or the android software in general would be appreciated.

    And, Hi! :)

  2. JCCAndroid

    JCCAndroid Member

    Anyone :D?
  3. sprocketdog23

    sprocketdog23 Member

    Tiny screen, and a bit blurry screen in my opinion, not a great gaming experience. For the same cost, the new phones by HTC like the Wildfire, or the just released SanFrancisco from Orange look a million times better.
  4. JCCAndroid

    JCCAndroid Member

    True, there's alot of negative comments about it but personally it seems like a very good bargin and I'm not really looking for a big phone. But thanks for the reply :) Do you know if it has a decent camera? ( not high class... Just one that you can see what you've just taken)

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