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  1. ljolly4769

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    Hi I'm Lorenzo, English but lucky to be living in Spain

    Had my HTC Hero about 6 months / Android 1.5

    Wanted to start downloading additional App but got the same error as a lot of you (something to do with skipping google at first time). Read the forums and it looks like the only route is a hard reset. Knowing I will loose anything I have setup - I have saved my contacts and photo's to PC. My questions are :

    Does everyone concur that a hard reset is the only way forward.

    Can anyone tell me how to save my message to sim so that I do not loose them.

    When I "mount" the Hero to PC all I see is standard stuff like photo's, music etc, how do I access the other stuff.

    Sorry I'm a bit vague but will catch up with your help

    Many Thanks


  2. Martimus

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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Sometimes a factory reset is necessary to get the phone back to a more stable place.

    When you connect your phone via USB to a computer it normally unmounts the SD card and makes it inaccessible. This is pretty common with a lot of Android phones.
  3. NightAngel79

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    Hello and Welcome to Android Forums!!

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