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hi yahoo beta

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  1. bridges

    bridges New Member

    I downloaded the hi yahoo beta app. And try to add my friends add it keeps saying wait for group. And I wait and nothing happens. Can someone help with this?

  2. MarioNico

    MarioNico Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue.. seems that it has a problem with more than one group... mine shows just one.. in the other I can not see the members online or offline.. but they can see me. It's a beta and they don't put any efforts to upgrade it. Shame.
    The solution: I use now the app "fring".. where I can see all the members of my groups in Y!M ...
  3. bridges

    bridges New Member

    Thanks for the advice. But searching for answers, I found a different forum. And they suggestedmeebo. It allows you to log into multiple accounts at once.

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