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  1. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member


    I know that google market blocks protected apps from non-authorised devices like the legend and I've done lots of searching in this forum and other sites but could someone please reiterate: any timeframe for this to be sorted? Or what's the best workaround? Is there a site we can download apks for (example) layar and install that way? Or is it easier/quicker to mod the phone so it works in marketplace?

    I'm sure this has been covered many times already but my search hasn't found me the answers yet!


  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    So still no access to copy protected apps on the legend? Can you find exzeus in the market?
  3. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    1 result - "ExZeus Arcade" by HyperDevbox - costs 350 Yen. Is that the one you're talking about?

    Does your desire have access to layar?
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Yes thats right, so that confirms you do have access to copy protected apps. Meaning your device is authorised already.

    Try scanning this QR code and see if it brings up layar:


    How To Use Android Barcodes (QR Codes) Nimbu
  5. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    I don't see a barcode scanner on the marketplace to download unfortunately. When I search 'zxing team' as per your link only 1 app comes up - ScanPaste by Rabidgremlin Limited.

    When I search 'google earth', 'layar' or 'you tube/youtube' the official apps don't appear so I'm guessing it's still not authorised?

    Any other Legend owners have the same issue?
  6. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    If you can see exzeus then you are authorised.

    Google Earth was removed from the market, do a google search for the apk and you will find a link (its not all that tbh). I don't think the official youtube app was ever in the market, don't you already have it on your phone?

    Layar should be there though.
  7. Bootsock

    Bootsock Well-Known Member

    Layar is definitely there for the legend, check your phone for updates though as there are a few camera based apps like that, shop savvy, Google goggles, etc. which are hidden if you don't have the latest phone software. (1.31.405.4)

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  8. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    My software version is but when I check for updates it says my phone is up to date.
  9. Bootsock

    Bootsock Well-Known Member

    Clearly it isn't which is why you won't see those apps, is yours a carrier branded one then? If so, they may be behind on updates.

    As an aside, you can install apps without using the market, but that has been covered elsewhere on this forum so it doesn't need repeating here.

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  10. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Member

    Yeah , mines is Vodafone branded and I can't get these apps which is most annoying, furthermore Vodafone refuse to give any sort of timescale as to when they will OK this firmware update and push it out.

    My Nokia N85 was MONTHS behind with firmware updates because of Vodafone, I debranded it and I'm considering doing the same with my Legend. It's very annoying having a phone which can run all these great apps but can't because Vodafone are dragging their heels with updates.
  11. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    So no one with a Voda Legend can see any protected apps?! That is utterly ridiculous! I can't seem to find a barcode scanner for a start which is how most 'top 50 apps' are linked to!

    Is there a way around this?

    Do you have link to a thread please? I have searched and don't seem to be able to find one.
  12. Martin L

    Martin L Well-Known Member

    You can do a google search and find/download the appropriate .apk files and then install them. You do need to check the "allow from unknown sources" box though which pops up anyway when you try to install.
    I've found and installed "Zxing barcode scanner" and "google goggles" this way :)
    Wikitude although I can install does not work as it come across a "parsing error" so I'm assuming that's the camera issue that the firmware upgrade fixes.
    The barcode scanner if using to look at apps still refers to the Market so if you can't see it in Market having a scanner won't help :(
  13. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    Sorry - does anyone with a Vodafone branded Legend have access to protected apps? As above my software version is - have all Voda devices got this same software and can't see hidden apps?
  14. Bootsock

    Bootsock Well-Known Member

    Geoff - If you really want the apps and they are not shown on the market just go via Android Freeware: Download Free Android Software and Games and install them manually. Just be aware that some of the applications are intentionally hidden due to the software version of your phone because there were some funnies with camera applications in particular on older phone software.

    You'll have to read the simple instructions, but basically you just download the apk files and install them after telling your device to allow installation of non-market apps.

    As I got a launch phone I didn't have some camera apps showing at first such as ShopSavvy or Layar, but just manually installed them this way until the first OTA update came along.

    When Vodafone eventually get on the case with the software update, simply un-install the app you put on manually and then get the 'proper' one via the market app'.
  15. sparkes983

    sparkes983 New Member

    I have cut over from a Milestone to a legend. Had the same missing apps issue, coundn't see vacuum, and others. Tried a search for Layar, it came up. Now I can see Vacuum, and all other copyright apps. Note : In australia, but could it be the legend is allowed in ?

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