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Hidden object games

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  1. ou7shined

    ou7shined Well-Known Member

    Are there any hidden object games for Android?

    My girlfriend plays them a lot and I must admit to having dabbled a bit myself, which is a departure for me as I normally prefer games where genocide is the object rather than clicking on feathers and toy horses.

  2. ou7shined

    ou7shined Well-Known Member

    Nope? :(
  3. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    You mean like ghosts? I've seen a few, but can't remember what they are called. Search the market, there's a few.
  4. ou7shined

    ou7shined Well-Known Member

    If it's the same Ghosts I found on the market then nah not really. Thanks for the idea though.

    Hidden object games usually revolve around a mystery that needs solved and it is accomplished by finding objects in a busy picture and solving quick puzzle mini-games.
  5. Dan Fury

    Dan Fury Well-Known Member

  6. ou7shined

    ou7shined Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Looks interesting. :)
  7. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

  8. Dan Fury

    Dan Fury Well-Known Member

    Sure enough after talking with you about hidden object games a.k.a. point and click games, I have found the best adventure available on Android and it is exactly what you asked for. It's in Flash, so you need Android 2.2 or you can play it on PC:
    The Several Journeys of Reemus | Androidpimps

    This is also interesting to anyone who wants to see, what Flash on Android is capable of in terms of gaming, check it out, it's just great.

    Oh and the video has a hidden Phandroid commercial in the bookmarks. ;)
  9. nwb123

    nwb123 New Member

    just 2 hidden object games on android? are there any new ones?
  10. There are tons on hidden object games on android. most of them u have to pay for though. If you look up G5 games, they have a lot, you download the demo for free, then pay 5 bucks to play after the first level. Mystery of the crystal portal, paranormal agency, these are both GREAT games! Alawar has a few also, alabama smith, Treasures of mystery Island, both great games, but u do have to pay, get to play one level then forced to pay if you want more level, but the ones from alawar are much cheaper, 1 to 2 dollars per game. There are free hidden object games but they are kind of boring and have no story line to then, just find 8 balls in the picture, or something like that. If you go to the market and search "hidden object games" there should be quite a few that come up. Hope this helps :)
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  11. ou7shined

    ou7shined Well-Known Member

    Yeah there are quite a few nice ones out now... but there weren't too many when I started this thread a year and a half ago. :D

    I agree, Mystery of the Crystal Portal and Paranormal Agency are among the best ones I tried so far.
  12. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    At least we know that people know how to use the search feature. :)

    But it's still good to know what to look for, in case new people are looking.
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