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Hidden SSID WirelessSupport

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  1. Justin89t

    Justin89t Well-Known Member

    Can Android connect to a network with a hidden SSID?

    I hide the SSID on all my wireless networks... I've tried two android phone's that simply fail to connect. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or can android justnot see hidden networks? I connect to broadcasting networks just fine...

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  2. GreenOnyx

    GreenOnyx New Member

    I added a hidden ssid with wpa psk encryption today to my HTC Incredible without any issues, so while I'm definitely not an expert, I'd have to say that it can.

    If you're wireless router is filtering to specific mac addresses make sure to add the phone's mac to the router.
  3. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it can. I did just this last night and I had to enter the phone's MAC address into my WAP because it uses MAC filtering, just as the previous poster mentioned. It worked fine.
  4. jwjohnson

    jwjohnson Member

    I was able to connect to our hidden WEP protected network at work without any problems.
  5. Justin89t

    Justin89t Well-Known Member

    Well that's slightly annoying, wonder what I'm doing wrong. Oh well. Thanks:)
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  6. Mike_B

    Mike_B Well-Known Member

    No problems here with my hidden SSID, MAC filtered, WPA2 network.
  7. Iam918

    Iam918 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't get mine connected to my hidden ssid when using wpa2. Once I switched to wpa then I could when using "hidden ssid enabler".
  8. andermk

    andermk Well-Known Member

    To test it out I just connected to my hidden ssid with wpa2 and had no problems. It connected immediately and it was smoking fast. Just FYI
  9. whiteacre

    whiteacre Member

    where did you find MAC address of DI?

    disregard - asked and answered elsewhere - just did not do a good enough search - sorry
  10. killingjoker

    killingjoker New Member

    Had the same problem with my HTC Desire and a Linksys router with WEP encryption. Just downloaded the "Hidden SSID Enabler" utility on the phone and it now connects a treat after running the utility.
  11. Iam918

    Iam918 Well-Known Member

    Mine is a linksys dualband n and my brothers is a linksys g. I was using wpa2 on mine; had to put to wpa, turn on broadcasting long enough so It'd see it and i could put in key, once done disabled broadcasting and could still connect using "hidden ssid enabler". brothers was wpa already w/ broadcasting off. I still had to enable broadcasting long enough to first see it and get in the key. then could disable again.
  12. jamesdean

    jamesdean Well-Known Member

    Looks like DevHead and Justin89t may be one in the same.
  13. richardm

    richardm New Member

    Tried the HiddenSSID Enabler and it did not work for me (HTC Desire, 2.1)

    I did, however, get it to work. Try the following;
    - Change radio band to 20MHz Channel (not 'Auto')
    - Change network mode to B, B/G or G (does not work in 'N' or 'Mixed' modes)
    - Change standard channel to 6. This seems to be the only one that my phone will see if the SSID is hidden. Sees all others if the SSID is broadcast
  14. smackboy1

    smackboy1 Active Member

    My DInc cannot find my LAN if the SSID broadcast is disabled either.

    Linksys Wireless G WRT54G
    Channel 6
    MAC filtering
    Mixed B/G mode

    I can't figure it out. The second I disable SSID broadcast the DInc disconnects.


    For some reason on my network the DInc can only discover and connect to hidden SSID wifi on channel 1 or 2. In order for the DInc to be able to find the hidden SSID you have to reset the wireless router to the low channel and disable SSID broadcast. Then on the DInc delete and manually re-setup the wifi connection. Once I did this I had no problems with the hidden SSID.

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