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  1. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    what would happen if i deleted it? would anything that metro/samsung decided to hide or what?

  2. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

  3. Baek215

    Baek215 Well-Known Member

    Idk, I wouldn't delete it :/ You can risk messing up your phone by deleting things.
  4. SpawnHyuuga

    SpawnHyuuga Well-Known Member

    I've heard that alot of Android phones and especially Samsung phones have a hiddenmenu.apk installed in the system folder. I definitely wouldn't do it; and while I've looked at some of it's contents (not all); there has been a way to launch it on every phone that has it with a dialed phone number. Just not sure what it is for the Admire.
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  5. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    DONT!! That apk is what has all the hidden menus for programming and changing hidden settings, its a system app leave it alone

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