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  1. NaNaNiii

    NaNaNiii Active Member

    Hi, is there any way to select which albums to display in the gallery? Some of my music albums have JPEGS in them and they should up in the gallery as well as my dropbx folders. On my HTC One x, there was a option to chose whatever folders you wanted to display in the gallery

  2. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Either switch to a different gallery app like QuickPic or you need to place an empty file called ".nomedia" in every folder which you do not want to appear in the stock gallery.

    I prefer QuickPic as it is much better than the stock gallery app.
  3. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem with the music folders showing album art. Go to the main gallery view and long press one. Check it and the rest of them as well. Hit the delete button. It doesn't delete them from the phone. Just makes them disappear from the gallery.

    Test one first before doing all at once just to be sure. It worked on mine but better to be safe...
  4. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Just to add to shmn's,

    If you keep your music in "Music" folder, you just need to drop the .nomedia into the root of the folder. It will automatically effect all your music sub folders and prevent them from being scanned by Android's media-scanner.

    Also, by default Android is supposed to skip Music folder from displaying its images, so is there a chance, you place the music in your own directory of choice ?

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