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  1. lovelemons

    lovelemons New Member

    I've used hide it pro for years & never had an issue like this and I can't get a response to my emails sent to the app creator.

    While trying to transfer files to another device, I was placing several of the albums (as the app informs) onto the SD card... what I didn't realize was the card wasn't in the device so it went into the internal memory. I can see the files names but when you click on them it leads down a dead-end road due to the fact they are "HID".

    I've uninstalled & re-installed...
    I need to know how to find the items & place them back into vault.
    I'm not talking about porn or such, I'm talking major family events... the birth of my children, ect. Please lead me in some sort of direction to resolve this issue!!
    Both devices are s3's.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Total Commander or ES File Explorer. The usual way to "hide" pictures is to put a .nomedia file in the folder. If you tell a file manager to show hidden files, you'll see those files and can move them somewhere else, or just delete the "dot" at the beginning of .nomedia.

    Or connect the phone to your computer - it should see the files.
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  3. 08wrxguy

    08wrxguy New Member

    Thank you, I was able to find all my files with your help. My hide it pro app won't allow me to change the vault location back to its old location so that I can view the files through the app. Do i or can I just change the .fr to .jpg or is there an easier solution to my problem?
  4. pt3240

    pt3240 Member

    I have the same problem with hide it pro. Where did you find the files? I have been looking everywhere in the folders but have no idea how the files are hidden or encrypted.
  5. 08wrxguy

    08wrxguy New Member

    Download ES File Explorer. Then read the following.

  6. pt3240

    pt3240 Member

    thanks for the reply. I installed the es file explorer app and set to show hidden files. I still can't see the location of my hide it pro files. The developers website blog says all hide it pro files are under a folder named programdata but I can't see anything under here either. Please elaborate more on where you found your files.
  7. 08wrxguy

    08wrxguy New Member

    Go into your Hide It Pro app and check your vault location. That should give you some direction to where the programdata file is which is where your hidden files will be.. UNLESS you've changed your vault location. It's in your phone so you should be able to search for the file.
  8. 08wrxguy

    08wrxguy New Member

    If you are having trouble searching for it on your phone, then try connecting it to your computer to conduct a search
  9. pt3240

    pt3240 Member

    thank you so much. I figured it out.
  10. jazz34

    jazz34 New Member

    i had saved my pics in hide it pro but i changed my phone and after changing my all pics from hide it pro are deleted. plz suggest me ways to recover those pics as soon as possible.

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