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  1. billwinkle

    billwinkle New Member

    I copied a lot of music to my Android 4.0 phone. Most of the music directories contain photos (album art). The result is countless directories showing up in gallery with album art. This makes using Gallery quite frustrating.

    I searched around in the forums and everything points to .nomedia as the way to hide photos. The problem (from what I read) is that .nomedia will also hide the music. Certainly not a viable option.

    How can I get only Gallery to not see these directories? I'm willing to consider a Gallery alternative, but all those I've looked at so far have the same issue.


  2. FbNinja

    FbNinja Member

    Try Quickpick! When you will see the thumbnail of the media in your phone using Quickpick, use options and select exclude. The contents you don't wanna see will disappear. :)
  3. billwinkle

    billwinkle New Member


    Thank you for making me revisit Quickpic. I'd tried it before, but was disappointed that "hiding" a directory just put a .nomedia file in that directory. Looking at it again, the "Exclude" option you suggested doesn't do that. It simply excludes the directory from Quickpick's list.

    This accomplishes what I needed. Much appreciated.

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