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  1. Droid421

    Droid421 Active Member

    Any good free app to hide photos & videos from gallery AND file browsers?

  2. icstars989

    icstars989 Well-Known Member

    Got some nudies of the girl eh ;) I havent found any yet, but Im still looking. Sure would be great though if they did have something

    HOTHEAD Well-Known Member

    tagged for later
  4. icstars989

    icstars989 Well-Known Member

    Nudies of our women or the "other" women ;) can now be safe gentlemen. "Photo Safe" seems like a good bet. I haven't downloaded it yet, but it sounds like Picture safe that I had on the iphone and that was a great app!

    HOTHEAD Well-Known Member

    thanks gonna check it out.
  6. Droid421

    Droid421 Active Member

    Already considered it. Read the description, it's a free trial not a free app. It only allows 5 photos and same goes for Video Safe made by the same dev.
  7. jpollack

    jpollack New Member

    There's also MyStash, which is fairly new. Pretty basic, but works for me..
  8. hide and seek works well and is only a dollar. if you can handle pics only, the photoshop app works well. you don't even need the pics on your phone. you store it all online.
  9. SecretSamadhi

    SecretSamadhi New Member

    The Android Pictures app does not display images stored in folders titled with a dot in the beginning. Download and install Astro App. Open and create a folder named
  10. Spotmark

    Spotmark Member

    Use Astro File Manager. Within Astro create a folder with any name you choose. Before the folder name put a . Example: .Private. Then move whatever media you don't want seen into that folder. It won't show up in your media players any longer, but you can access it through Astro.

    Hint-Give your folder a techie name like .systools, and people are less likely to look in it, if they should open Astro. You don't even need to plug in your phone. You can move the files you want into your created folder, using Astro right on your phone.
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  11. Krlos

    Krlos Active Member

    i got photo safe but i forget my password? what i can do now?
  12. cggorman

    cggorman Well-Known Member

    I'm using photo vault and video vault. Any pics marked private are not visible in the stock gallery app, so you don't actually have to launch photovault to view your for-sharing pics. These were not free apps, but were cheap. in the $1 range, IIRC.
  13. x34

    x34 New Member

  14. jalann

    jalann Well-Known Member

    If you use Astro you can put the 'secret' photo in any folder and delete the .jpg extension. It will not show up in Gallery etc. but can still be viewed with Astro
  15. sthil98

    sthil98 New Member

    File Cover
  16. Afront

    Afront Well-Known Member

    I used the .nomedia solution but now have a follow-up question: is there a file manager app that will let me flick through (hidden) photos like the regular gallery? I've tried Astro, Linda, and my favourite ES File Explorer, but all these will only display one photo at a time i.e. I need to go back, select the next photo, view, etc.
  17. bwims

    bwims New Member


    Hi, I'm not so interested in hiding photos that I put on the machine.

    What bugs me is that all gallery type apps always hunt around and display garbage like icons, cd covers etc.

    Why the hell don't Google or one of the vendors give you the ability to state precisely which folders you want to display?

    There should be an option to not show anything unless selected.
  18. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

    the .nomedia solution above can solve this as has been said

    also, for others, I use Vaulty
  19. leoabrego

    leoabrego New Member

    Create a file with a dot infront Example: (.private) or (.mystuff) anything you put in this file will not be read by the phone... it works with EVERY android phone..:)
  20. Chuck1906

    Chuck1906 Well-Known Member

    I got one I found in the market called Vaulty Free and it does its job!!! LOL!
  21. surtr

    surtr Member

    RR File Locker just came out and works great.
  22. Chuck01

    Chuck01 New Member

    Could you allow 2 passwords for two different sets of hidden images?

    One for when the girlfriend asks for my password.
    And one for me :)

  23. RookTheKlown

    RookTheKlown Well-Known Member

    I like Top Secret Picture. It allows for 2 passwords, each will bring up a separate set of photos. It's easy to import the pictures, and the app will automatically delete the originals. It's also easy to export them, and it comes with a built in slideshow.

    There's also a Top Secret Video from the same developer, although I haven't used that one yet.

    Both apps are also free.
  24. trench

    trench Active Member

    I've had issues with both Vauity Free and Gallery Lock. they both say they will hide your videos and both of them did. But it will not let me play the video files anymore when they are hidden. If i try and play the videos with in the program it will crash the video after a min or give me some error.

    They suck... gonna look at some others.
  25. trench

    trench Active Member

    RR Locker will also not play my video files once they've been added. It will start to decrypt the file, but then it will crash.

    I have the correct players installed to play all my video files, but it seems like most of these programs have issues with allowing different video apps to play the files from within the locker program.

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