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  1. Stang70Fastback

    Stang70Fastback Well-Known Member

    I can't seem to find a single other person who has had this issue on the entire internet, so it must be just me. I installed WidgetLocker to replace the stock lock screen. Managed to get everything working perfectly, EXCEPT that even after checking the options to hide the notification bar, and to prevent it from being opened... it doesn't work. From the lock screen, I can still swipe down to show the notification bar, and then swipe down again to open it.

    Does anyone know of a solution for this?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Isn't that one of the WL options you need root for? It's been a while since I used the app, but I know some of the stuff only works if you're rooted.
  3. Stang70Fastback

    Stang70Fastback Well-Known Member

    It wasn't in the root section, and didn't have any "needs root" in the description, so I don't think so, but I'm not sure. Sometimes it seems like it's trying, as the notification bar will only come partly down. Same with the other option, to hide the menu that comes up when you long press the power button. Sometimes it comes up, other times it doesn't. It's like WidgetLocker is fighting with some other service and losing 90% of the battles.
  4. lterry913

    lterry913 Well-Known Member

    Are you using a launcher that you could uncheck show notification bar? That is the only thing I can think of. Or a task killer and you might not have widget locked on bypass kill list?
  5. Stang70Fastback

    Stang70Fastback Well-Known Member

    I'm using Nova Launcher, but "Show Notification Bar" is unchecked because I like to have it hidden on the home screen as well, so no dice :(
  6. Stang70Fastback

    Stang70Fastback Well-Known Member

    Well, it turns out Widget Locker kind of sucks on the Note 3 at least. Not only can it not block the Notification Bar, but it also is unable to block the Multi-View panel on the left side of the screen if you hold the back button, which then allows you to open any of those apps, nor can it block the user from entering S Finder by holding the menu button.

    I'm sure it's not Widget Locker's fault so much as Samsung's good design at making sure their panels and such appear on top of every other program, as they should... just kind of sucks for Widget Locker, lol.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a customizable lock screen that does not have these issues? My goal was to have a completely blank lock screen, with just my Live Wallpaper and a hidden, invisible unlock slider, which is what I have now, but it doesn't do that great of a job of securing the phone (I know my "hidden slider" isn't that secure, but it's enough to keep people confused for a little while.)
  7. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Email the dev, he's pretty good at fixing little bugs and has responded every time I've mailed him.

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