High "Android System" Wakelock count?General

  1. Mohaver

    Mohaver Active Member

    I'm trying to address some battery issues I'm having. Battery seems to drain very quickly while asleep. In Gsam Battery Monitor it's telling me that the Android System has 1415 wakelocks associated with it. Apparently it only used 15% of my almost depleted battery, but it still seems like an oddly high number of wakelocks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Mohaver

    Mohaver Active Member

    Bumping because I would really like some info on this :)
  3. MakeItYours

    MakeItYours Member

    I've been having issues with this too. Drains the life out of my battery :(
  4. aldo82

    aldo82 Well-Known Member

    ever since the jelly bean update my Android System has been much higher. Currently its 26%. Haven't used gsam for a while so don't know the mumber of wakelocks but I have a feeling this is due to google now. Do you have it on? Switch it off, does your AS usage go down? I think AS ties in a lot of things so its hard to address exactly what. Better Battery Stats might be better for you. Tbh I tried to optimise battery life loads after the JB update and in the end gave up. Its gets me through the day so it'll do! Hopefully 4.1.2 will come along soon then I can worry about optimising battery life all over again (or perhaps they'll fix the drain!)!
  5. Mohaver

    Mohaver Active Member

    I've actually been having much better battery life after this. I can't, however, update to Jelly Bean because Kies is so buggy for Mac. So I can't comment on the Jelly Bean AS thing. Good luck!

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