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  1. sk1209

    sk1209 New Member

    I've had my Desire S since May and my data usage is usually around 300mb per month. Last month I managed to max out my 500mb data usage in just 9 days!!! (I have received a text from Vodafone). :confused:

    Vodafone has no access to which websites and how for long per page I've been on. I even went into Carphone Warehouse & Vodafone stores and all they did was to stop the apps from running or killing apps. I've also been told to reset it to factory setting or get it fixed (even though they don't know why).

    As the guy from Vodafone said, my phone has its own life doing it's own thing without my permission. Maps are constantly running & I have no idea why,

    I'm connected to WiFi all evenings & weekends when I'm at home.
    I have switched off auto sync, background data & GPS
    I don't stream any videos or radios
    I don't download any movies or music
    I don't do any updates for my apps using mobile internet as it's slower & uses up my data.

    I specifically use the internet for whatsapp, social networking websites, email, weather & news whilst I'm at work for distraction :)

    My friends that go on youtube, listen to live radio everyday for nearly an hour, send/receive emails & download music don't even use that much data in a month.

    I have downloaded ATK and Spareparts but not sure if they are useful. I've had mixed reviews about ATK, some says it's useful to kill tasks and some don't.

    Yesterday I ran a test and left my mobile internet on for about 45 mins whilst I was at work and it has managed to use up about 20mb when I didn't even touch my phone. :(

    Please help :confused:


  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    I'd avoid using task killers for these reasons.

    For instance, some apps use background data to update information, e.g. weather, Google, social networks, etc. On their own, they only do this once every so often (maybe according to a user setting) and/or on start-up and/or when they detect an internet connection. If you have a task killer killing such processes, then Android may attempt to start them each time they're killed. Each time they start they could be connecting to the internet and downloading/refreshing information which they've only just downloaded. If this is continually happening, this could represent a lot of data.

    3G Watchdog Pro will tell you which apps are using 3G. Traffic Monitor (free) does a similar thing.
  3. sk1209

    sk1209 New Member

    Thanks Notebook. :) I have installed 3g watchdog for a few months now but it doesn't really tell me what apps is updating or use up the most datas. I only turn my mobile internet on for about 6 hours for the last 3 days and I've used 200mb already - lord knows how?!?!

    It still doesn't make sense how I can use up 500mb in just 9 days.

    Can someone please HELP!! :(

  4. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Are you using 3G Watchdog or the Pro version? It's the Pro version that allows you to monitor individual apps. There's also an app called My Data Manager Free that records your apps' data useage.

    Without knowing what apps and widgets you have on your phone, it's going to be a guessing game as to what's using your allowance.

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