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  1. bluesith

    bluesith New Member

    i was playing high noon on my mates i phone . Cool game . Is it going to come out on android , or is there a similar game to it ?

  2. bluesith

    bluesith New Member

    Any ideas?
  3. bluesith

    bluesith New Member

    Anyone heard of it ?
  4. WoodlawnTom

    WoodlawnTom Member

    I have a game out on the marketplace that I would say is similar in the game play, although you aren't shooting cowboys. The name of the game is "Shooting Gallery". Not sure if it is what you are looking for.
  5. bluesith

    bluesith New Member


    THENICKRULZ New Member

    Anyone know the release date for high noon on android?

    I play it on my ipod and want to play it on my android...

    If anyone knows the release date please post below.

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