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Higher capacity batteriesTips

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  1. hanybanoub

    hanybanoub Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any have used these larger batteries.


    Discount 1600mah Andida Spare Battery for Sony Ericsson U5i [bty075 U5i]- US$8.99 - OBOstore.com


    HuiDaFa DEJI EP500 1800mAh 3.7V High Capacity Business Battery for Sony Ericsson U5, Britain - DinoDirect.com

    Background thread and info here:

    Higher capacity battery - xda-developers

    As a reminder the stock one is 1200mAh. It's true these larger batteries are probably Li-Po not the standard Li-Io but they seem to be safe and have good reports thus far.

    Anyone have experience with either? Comments welcome too :)


  2. seedot11

    seedot11 Member

    Admittedly I have no experience with those specific batteries or indeed any batteries for the SK17i, but I do have experience with higher capacity batteries for other Android phones.

    In general I have found that buying larger capacity batteries is a waste of money, as there are always problems, for example the battery losing capacity much more quickly compared to the stock battery, the capacity not being as described and strange behavior like jumping from ~20% to 0% then shutting down. And these are from batteries from sellers with a lot of good reviews or positive feedback (I don't know what the other consumers are thinking...).

    Personally I would not recommend buying these batteries until you get a dependable opinion to the contrary, or you have for some reason a surplus of money (after all a spare battery that doesn't behave quite right is probably better than no spare battery at all).
  3. hanybanoub

    hanybanoub Member

    thanks for your thoughts my friend. Early indicators seem promising and for Nottingham too much money and little risk, worth trying.
  4. namtheman1221

    namtheman1221 New Member

    1Ghz Proccessor costs > 1 day b'tarry use. Will you expect more ? I think it's OKAY

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