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Higher resolution with gingerbread?General

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  1. AstralZero

    AstralZero Well-Known Member

    I see a lot of people complaining about the resolution of the Desire HD. I noticed Gingerbread is rumoured to raise the resolution cap. Would any phone be able to take advantage of this?

  2. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    Currently there isn't any Android phone with higher resolution than 800x480 (or 854x480). A software update wont raise that resolution since it is hardware specific. But i wouldn't worry about it. 800x480 is plenty enough and if we start raising resolutions without bumping specs then performance would suffer. Maybe next year.
  3. Jammy

    Jammy Well-Known Member

    If the hardware is only capable of 800x480, a software update will not increase this.
  4. AstralZero

    AstralZero Well-Known Member

    Ah, I wasn't sure if it was a software limitation...

    Although now with Gingerbread out in October and the rumoured Gingerbread phones coming out around December, there doesn't seem much point in going for a device that will be pretty much minimum spec for Android 3.0...
  5. TNwainwright

    TNwainwright Well-Known Member

    There will ALWAYS be phones just around the corner that make the phone your getting look dated. ALWAYS. You will never get a phone if you take that attitude.
  6. AstralZero

    AstralZero Well-Known Member

    But this upgrade seems so major... but I appreciate what you're saying :)
  7. TNwainwright

    TNwainwright Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean I'm in the same boat it's such a tough decision, but when those new 3.0 phones come out you will be thinking: "well they are pretty cool, but I'm going to look stupid when the new dual core phones come out". Then they come out and you think "yeah dual core phones are amazing but engadget just leaked this new phone..."
  8. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    I don't even try to keep up,I just get what I really want at that time and moment and enjoy .
  9. TNwainwright

    TNwainwright Well-Known Member

    Exactly. Hell the only reason I'm even possibly waiting for the Desire HD is because I'm a giant and would love a 4.3inch screen. My resolve is waning by the day though, particularly with the poverty of leaks about the phone in the last week.

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