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Hindi FontsSupport

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  1. RRM

    RRM New Member

    How and from where to get Hindi Fonts to read MS documents and SMS.

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    If you have .ttf font file (with bold preferable) then you can use font changer to change font.I used it for some weird fonts but never devnagri.Still worth a try.Else there are string of commands to change the Font totally.But that is risky and if it wont work ,factory reset would have to be done.:).Enjoy.
    Note : You need to root the phone before dong anything.
    I think Handcent sms has support for devnagri but I dont know.You should check it out.
    EDIT 1: Multiling Keyboard has support for Hindi keypad.
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  3. paarkhi

    paarkhi Member

    I confirm that the method is working, tried myself personally, just give it a try and see....
  4. vikramwasnik

    vikramwasnik New Member

    Read Hindi/Marathi SMS on your Android Phone - xda-developers



    Now Read Your Hindi/Marathi SMS on Andriod.........its little bit tricky

    But You will get Best Result...........


    1) Download Hindi HinKhoj Dictionary and Go SMS pro two applications From Andriod Market its Free

    2) install first Hindi HinKhoj Dictionary application then after Go SMS pro

    3) now its time to do some setting with Go SMS pro (Note: Make a Go SMS Pro as Default Messaging Application)

    Settings in Go SMS Pro
    a) Open Go sms pro application
    b) press menu button it will pop up menus where is a tab of setting
    c) go to setting you will get 2nd option as a "Appearance Settings"
    d) first just touch on the tab of "Scan Fonts Packages" it will scan all fonts pkgs
    e) then go to Appearance Settings there are 2 main options

    I) Conversation List appearance

    1) Conv. List Customization
    2) User Defined Settings
    3) Conv. List Other Settings

    II) Conversation appearance

    1) Conversation Customization
    2) User Defined Settings
    3) Conversation Other Settings

    f) first go to "Conv. List Customization" from "Conversation List appearance"

    it will pop up one more menu choose "Time and message font"

    it will ask you for Package which is default set as "system" you have to change it from "system" to "Hindi Hinkhoj Dictionary" from the list

    it will automatically chose font as "mangal" then press back button 3 time ti will ask for "Save the setting?"

    save that setting by any name and you will back to "Appearance Settings" screen

    g) Now go to "Conversation Customization" from "Conversation appearance"

    change "Incoming font" and "Outgoing font" same as above.......
    and save this setting with different name

    h) finally from both of "Conversation List appearance" and "Conversation appearance"

    apply the User Defined Settings as your saved name

    go out to application and restart the phone and ask to your Friends for Hindi/Marathi SMS...........:cool::cool::cool::cool:
  5. Sanlion007

    Sanlion007 New Member

  6. Hi I am not able to read hindi fonts on webpage, wht to do?
    please help

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