HipGeo app: Alpha testers needed

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    I'm with the HipGeo Android team.

    Get our new app here:
    HipGeo: App Downloads

    Our Android app currently in a late Alpha stage, we have most of the features in place and it is working well on the devices we have available to us. BUT we really need some action on android devices to make sure our app is robust.

    HipGeo is a travel blog app deeply integrated with the Facebook graph. It works well when traveling even when no internet connection is present.

    Our iPhone version (available free) has been getting really good reviews and press like:

    "The app offers a unique and snazzy interface that is designed to let mobile users post text, places, and photos that are recorded, organized, and displayed around a user

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    Tested through elusivestars today...cool app. No issues to report.
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