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  1. timkang

    timkang New Member

    I bought an SD card for it and for some reason I can't save anything to it. When I press "move to SD" it just moves it to the nand flash storage. Is there a certain way I should format the card so I can save my apps and everything to it? Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks

  2. chevyguy

    chevyguy New Member

    Not all apps are moveable to an SD card. If your SD is not formatted to FAT32, then try formatting it to FAT32 and try again.
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  3. Tadb123

    Tadb123 Member

    Generally speaking, you can only put files on the SD card, not the actual app. For example, I have my music library of over 1,000 albums on the SD card, but the app that plays them is in the 8 GB of internal storage.

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