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  1. Williamh

    Williamh Member

    I'm experiencing a static/hissing noise on headphones with my incredible. This is particularly noticeable on the small in ear headphones/earbuds during quiet portions of music, or if you have music playing and turn the volume down to zero, and for a short time after pausing music (until the audio jack is powered down. Is anyone else having these issues? Can anyone confirm that some phones do not have this issue?

    I love the phone but this is almost a dealbreaker for me as it somewhat kills the whole idea of not needing a separate music player, though it can be somewhat worked around by headphones with online volume controls, decreasing volume by about half and boosting iron the phone.

  2. Williamh

    Williamh Member

    Anyone else having this issue while using highly sensitive (low volume setting for loud apparent volume) earbud style headphones without any noise?

    After listening to it for a while it is relatively subtle, and the volume slider (inline resistance type) set to ~50% pretty much completely eliminates it so maybe its not a huge problem... however if its just mine that's defective I'd rather exchange it and have one that's noise-free.

    If you are using headphones without issue, what type are they? (I need to find some more traditional style headphones and see how they do...)
  3. Williamh

    Williamh Member

    Still trying to find out if this is just my phone or not, I tried going to the verizon store but its noisy enough there that I can't hear it on my phone so no way to know.

    A quick way to check without sensitive headphones is if you are in a quiet room and change the ringer volume with the phones external speaker close to you're head - you can hear the tone, and then a hissing / static (on mine) for a few seconds before the amplifier switches off (I hear a click/pop when it does)
  4. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    sometimes when I'm running and I don't have my headphones fully in it will make static noises with my movement. I think my headphones are on there last leg but if I just push it down it usually goes away
  5. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    For sure the amplifier in the Incredible has background hiss. You can hear it before a song starts. My iPod does NOT do this. Once the music starts, it drowns out this hiss, but there is definitely a constant level hiss.
  6. ethon

    ethon Well-Known Member

    I hook my phone into my car stereo via a 3.5mm jack and don't hear any hiss between songs. However my problem is that there seems to be a frequency cut off for the bass and I don't get nearly the same thump listening to the same songs as I do from my cd player or even the radio
  7. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    It is faint. Maybe it's being drowned out by the ambient noise in the car. But with isolating earbuds, you can definitely hear it.
  8. Williamh

    Williamh Member

    Anyone else hear the static? I've decided its not a deal killer but I want to be sure its not just my phone, if its just my phone I'd definitely exchange it for one without static.
  9. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's the phone in particular. I think they all do it. You will notice that the hiss disappears as soon as you exit out of the app. IOW, if you were to plug your headphones into the phone, you would not hear this hiss until you started the app to play.
  10. ethon

    ethon Well-Known Member

    I'll check it out when my earbuds arrive this week but I've turned the volume really high on my stereo while my car was not running and didn't hear anything between songs.
  11. Williamh

    Williamh Member

    Thanks for the replies, you can also hear it from the external speaker in a quiet area if you hold it to your ear, the tone when changing volume works well, after it plays there is some brief static until the amp shuts off.

    If anyone else could confirm its not just my phone, or that their phone doesn't do it, I'd appreciate it. I only have a day or two left to return/exchange it. Good to know I'm not the only one that noticed it though.
  12. Williamh

    Williamh Member

    One more bump, please if you own an incredible help me out and post your opinion :)
  13. jjfitz0

    jjfitz0 Well-Known Member

    I hear it on my Inc too. Like you said, not a deal breaker but a little dissappointing.
  14. Nexxxus666

    Nexxxus666 New Member

    I am also experiencing the hissing sound on my Droid X. It is not noticeable with earbud headphones but I just purchased in ear headphones that are noise isolating and it is way louder. The hissing sound is loud enough to distract me especially when I am listening to ambient type music on low volume.

    Unfortunately I think every phone will have this issue.....

    I guess I will just return my nice in ear headphones and go with just standard earbuds.
  15. cparnes

    cparnes Member

    Have just noticed this with my incredible
    I did not notice it before I my phone updated
    to froyo. With good noise isolating headphones
    it is very annoying.
  16. Detonation

    Detonation New Member

    I'm also having this problem. I use typical in-ear buds and its VERY noticeable at low volumes - which is a problem for me because I listen to music at work on the lowest setting. And like you said, when you pause/stop, it remains for a few seconds before going away.

    I was really hoping to get rid of my ipod and use my inc as an all in one device, but this hiss will be a deal breaker...
  17. gotmojo

    gotmojo New Member

    I have the same issue as well. I also heard it on my sister in laws incredible. The only way to get around it Is to keep the volume above 1/4. My incredible is three weeks old. I'm glad to hear mine isn't defective but disappointed at the same time since it is such a poor sound quality at low volumes.
  18. goldcd

    goldcd New Member

    I've got exactly the same problem, I switched the cable on my earphones to one with an inline mic, and I suddenly noticed the hiss. I really notice with Audible as spoken words have gaps between them. Stop playing, hear the hiss and maybe 2 seconds later it's gone. Seems to be a software bug as I can play/pause hearing the hiss come and go in any app that plays sound - but then reboot and it's all hiss-free again.

    Just realized, you're reporting this in an Incredible > 3 years ago... got the same problem with my HTC One...

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