HK upgraded to 2.3.3 JV6 FTW! Amazing difference!

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    Just wanted to post Hong Kong upgraded from ZSJV5 to ZSJV6. Like night and day! My phone runs so smoothly now, much better than it has ever run.

    Tons of problems while I was on ZSJV5.
    -constant redraw/reload of my launcher, sluggish screen performance
    -Battery problem and battery indicator issues (yet to be fixed? But, I'm aware of it now)

    Mainly the constant redrawing and the occasion (2-3 times a week) reboots made me almost want to switch back to 2.2.1.

    But, If you've been waiting to upgrade, ZSJV6 has been worth the wait. This baby is incredibly smooth, and I have no clue why it wasn't this smooth earlier with the 2.3.3 builds. Samsung must've did some major optimization.

    [Root for 2.3.3]
    Oh, I was looking around for a way to root my phone while keeping it as stock as possible. Finally found the answer and it works on JV6! and probably all future releases!

    Check this thread on XDA.

    [MOD] FuguRoot: root _any_ stock SGS ROM safely (froyo, GB) - xda-developers


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