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  1. FeetR2C

    FeetR2C Member

    I just got the HD, which is my 3rd Atrix, previously owning both the original atrix and the atrix 2. All the specs I have read state that the HD comes with 8GB internal storage. Yet when I go to settings>storage, it says I only have 4.97? Also for a dual-core, I am finding plenty of sluggishness. For example when I go to the home screen and Press the dialer icon, the screen goes to a dark blue and there is a delay countable by SECONDS before the dial pad appears. I don't recall this happening with either of my previous older Atrix models. Also the reviews I read showed an Antutu benchmark of 6400+ but when I test mine, it's only 5049. Did I get a dud? I love the phone, although the battery life blows goats. My Atrix 2 only had a 1785 mah battery and could go from 0700 to 2200 before warning me of low battery. This HD drops to 50 percent before lunch time! And by 1500 I need to recharge. Any thoughts? I'm not rooted and just running stock ICS 4.0.4 that came on the phone.

  2. ericbeon

    ericbeon Well-Known Member

    Yea I returned mine . The battery was really bad . I would've kept it if had a removable batter. Also, the WiFi turns on and off. I really liked it . The stock android feel, the smartactions great. But it was to much trying to charge every hour. It would of been a great phone with a bigger battery and memory...had to get the HTC One x ...o well
  3. techguy21

    techguy21 Member

    Had the same issues with battery and wi-fi, returned it today. The One X is going to be $99 tomorrow, but I'm thinking of leaving AT&T...
  4. FeetR2C

    FeetR2C Member

    I placed a fall to AT&T this morning. They are over-nighting me a Samsung Galaxy S III. I really wanted to like my Atrix HD but too many hiccups and crappy battery life..... I also looked at the HTC One X, but the deal breaker there is there's no slot for a micro SD card. And like the Atrix, it's also a sealed in battery.
  5. Bracchus

    Bracchus Member

    Feet. To answer your original question... It does come with 8Gs but 3Gs is already used up for OEM loaded stuff. The 4.97Gs is what's remaining. Kind of a rip-off IMO.

    As to the WI-FI turning on and off, the smart actions widget can help to manage this. My WI-FI never turns off when it is connected to "my" WI-FI point. It does however, search for nearby signals when I'm not connected to "my" WI-FI and appears to turn on and off.

    Battery life - I guess I understand everyone's concerns there. I personally never have this issue because I always keep mine's docked at work and in the car. When I'm home, I can never use it enough to get the battery to drain all the way down and then I always charge it over night.

    Until Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc can offer the same docking technology as the Atrix - I'm a diehard fan.
  6. Ditey1

    Ditey1 Member

    .......and here I was wanting to really like the SG III since I already had the orig Atrix 4G & the Atrix 2 (which I love) but wanted something different. Because of my eyes (I guess), I just could not get used to the screen. It appeared dull & bluish to me & simply was not bright enough even at the brightest setting & the HTC One X did not have a card slot. So decided to stay with the Motorola line as their phones are pretty sturdy & got the Atrix HD. The screen just pops to me & is quite bright at even just 1/4 - 1/2 of the bright display setting.

    My WiFi is rock solid (just like my other Atrixes) & since I'm not a very heavy phone user, the battery lasts me for several days. Only time will tell if this phone is a keeper. Since I'm still within the 30 day return period, still have the return option. The HTC One X was my second choice even without the SD slot.

    To help with the battery life, I always turn off the screen (sleep) whenever I'm done using the phone & since the screen is so bright, have it turned down. My phone useage is mostly indoors, thereby the screen is not giving off a washed out look.
  7. FeetR2C

    FeetR2C Member

    I totally loving the Galaxy S III they sent me. My ONLY complaint is that it's difficult to see the screen in sunlight. But most of my playtime is inside anyway. My quadrant standard benchmark beats the HTC One X, making it the top performer on the chart :) Booya!
  8. Ditey1

    Ditey1 Member

    Congratulations, it's great that you are happy with your SG3. :)

    I saw the red one in the AT&T store last Wed & it's a pretty neat color. Not a bad color,even compared to the blue one.
  9. russjgarner

    russjgarner New Member

    Hi, I'm not trying to hijack this thread, but you guys in this conversation seem quite knowledgeable so I'd like to ask a few tech questions.
    One being, when I connect my Atrix HD to my laptop, only the flash card comes up to browse files, not the phones internal drive. My old Atrix 4G, both the drives came up in USB mass storage mode. I know its probably a simple fix but I can figure it out! I'd like to browse the files and transfer some photos. Thanks for the help,

  10. techguy21

    techguy21 Member

    I had the same issue and I found that connecting in MTP mode causes both drives to show up when you browse under the device in Windows Explorer.
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  11. serpa4

    serpa4 Well-Known Member

    Did you have the HD? I.e. I want to know if the Atrix HD screen is better than the S3.
    I have a droid X with an LCD. It is very bright. I purchased the S3 and liked a lot about it, but the scree, although beautiful, was just too dim for me. I park it on my dash every single day for streaming music and GPS. I just didn't work in the light.
    I'd like to know if you had the HD to compare to the S3.

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