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  1. mjcritchie

    mjcritchie Well-Known Member

    If you press and hold the 'home' button for a second or two it brings up a list of your most used (I think) apps.

    Did anyone else know that?

  2. blunderbus

    blunderbus Active Member

    No I didn't....cool thanks!!:D
  3. Archon810

    Archon810 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I found this by trying to see what happens if I hold all the buttons, one by one. I would frankly much rather it be the list of all running apps instead. Is there an app for that?
  4. SirGaz

    SirGaz Active Member

    It's actually a list of your most recently used apps, not the most popular ones. But not the ones running unfortunately.

    To find out what apps are running, I use Taskiller, which can also stop apps, but will show you all the ones running. To see what's running you could look at Spare Parts. This lists all apps running under "Battery History"
  5. smiwin

    smiwin Member

    isn't that cute!


    stupid, stupid, stupid!!! I have Lock 2.0 to prevent this stupid phone from butt dialing, which helped slow down the instances of butt dialing, now i find that holding the home button bypasses the lock app and one of the most used items is of course the phone app. My wife is still butt dialing... OMG! such a frustrating problem i've been dealing with for 5+ years on windows mobile, android based htc phones.

    BEFORE YOU RESPOND: i've heard all the dumbass "solutions" to the butt dialing problem: "get a case", "don't keep it in your pocket", etc... STFU and go read something else, this obviously doesn't concern you.

  6. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    smiwin, you're beginning to get spammy with your buttock issues. Can you please stop or at least keep it in the one thread you already started.
  7. smiwin

    smiwin Member

    thanks bluenova, your comment will go a long way to solving this problem

    never understood why people who cannot contribute to a solution feel the need to add their two cents and waste everyones time, the two threads are related to the same issue, butt dialing
  8. Chnoch

    Chnoch Member

    i use jkAppSwitch to switch between running apps, it has the handy feature that if you long press the search button (anywhere), it will show you the currently running apps.
  9. winky

    winky Well-Known Member

    How to Make Enemies and Alienate People
  10. JimR123

    JimR123 Well-Known Member

    Er, what's "butt" dialing?!?

    If it's accidentally starting a phone call, doesn't the lock screen stop that? I mean the one where you draw a pattern, not the drag down one...
  11. smiwin

    smiwin Member

    the sprint hero design is more succeptable to this problem. although the flaw still exists on the original hero design. that flaw being, being able to press buttons to bypass the lock screen.

    the pattern lock will prevent this, but i don't consider it a solution. there is already a lock screen, the pattern lock is more for security and is much more intrusive, time consuming, annoying.

    "butt dialing" is when the phone inadvertantly turns on and performs some function, either calling or other events when in your pocket, purse, or wherever

    not here to make friends, here to find solution... if you want to socialize I'd suggest a dating site. you should be upset by posts that don't advance a solution.

    lol, just tried pattern lock again, as a last resort and there's a button on the screen to make an emergency call... OMG! too funny.

    I just can't convey with anger, sarcasm, logic, or pleading how frustratingly simple this issue would be to avoid. The function is there already, "swipe the screen to unlock"... JUST DISABLE THE DAMN BUTTONS!!!

    this will piss off a bunch of you on this thread, but I have to mention how wonderful the same feature works on the iphone. when its locked, its locked, no accidental calls... but the htc hero is my wifes phone, i have to find a solution.
  12. JimR123

    JimR123 Well-Known Member

    I understand why you think pressing "menu" bypasses the unlock screen, as I totally agree. It is completely stupid and pointless. And true, the iPhone unlock does work better.

    But, please, calm down. Don't worry. Be happy.

    Maybe it'll be sorted in 2.1, maybe.
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Android Forums is as much a community as a resource. I understand your frustration but bear in mind that these are user-to-user forums. You're more likely to receive assistance if you remain civil.

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